Lafayette Grass to Garden Application

Congrats! You’ve been invited to apply for Resource Central’s Grass to Garden program, offered in partnership with the City of Lafayette! If approved, you could receive two free low-water Garden In A Box gardens and an irrigation retrofit kit in return for removing at least 200 square feet of lawn. You can also get $100 off our new Lawn Removal Service!

Before submitting the application, please take a moment to review the terms and conditions. The tips & tricks section will help you submit a successful application. Remember, applications are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Also note that homeowners associations (HOAs) almost always require formal approval of landscape change projects, especially in front yards. If applicable, it is your responsibility to seek and obtain proper approval from your HOA prior to beginning your project. Colorado House Bill 19-1050 prohibits your HOA from requiring any amount of turfgrass or limiting the use of low-water plants in your yard. They can still require a review process to make sure your proposed low-water landscape looks good.

The City of Lafayette also offers a permeable hardscape rebate program for replacing grass lawn with approved zero-water materials like gravel, patios, and walkways. You can use this application to apply for that program as well.


Grass to Garden: Lafayette Terms and Conditionsmore details

You must meet all the following requirements to qualify for the Grass to Garden program and receive two free large (100 sq. ft.) Garden In A Box. The program is only available for residential properties.

  1. You must be a current City of Lafayette water customer and provide your account number and physical address. Residents of other cities may be eligible but should not use this version of the application. Email us if you live somewhere else.
  2. You must submit a complete program application, including ‘before’ photo, by the deadline on March 29, 2021. The application review process is competitive. Your project must demonstrate significant water savings.
  3. You must sign a program contract agreeing that you will:
    • Remove at least 200 square feet of existing grass lawn that is watered and maintained on a regular schedule.
    • Plant and maintain your Garden In A Box for its full lifespan, about seven years.
    • Properly adjust your irrigation system and/or watering schedule to account for the new low-water landscape.
    • Pick up your Garden In A Box at the designated date and location. This is typically in May within 15 miles of your city.
    • Post your project on our companion website,
  4. You must remove approximately 75% of the grass in your project area BEFORE picking up your Garden In A Box in May or early June. You must provide photographic proof that you’ve begun removing grass. You may remove the grass by the method of your choice including a sod cutter, by hand, by sheet mulching, or by solarizing. However, chemical removal is not permitted. You may also use our Lawn Removal Service for $2 per square foot. We can even give you $100 off the Lawn Removal Service! Please, DO NOT START removing grass until you’ve signed the program contract.
  5. You must agree to complete a free Slow the Flow sprinkler system inspection within six months of completing your Grass to Garden project. This helps ensure that you’ve properly adjusted your irrigation system for the new low-water landscape.

Application: Tips & Tricksmore details

  1. Outline and plan your project! Review our library of resources and example projects on to learn techniques and find the materials you’ll need to succeed. Also checkout out our Waterwise Landscape Webinar Series.
  2. Prep your answers; there is no save button! You’ll need to provide:
    • Your water utility account number
    • The exact square footage of the lawn you plan to remove. Please take accurate measurements!
    • Your method for removing the lawn (sod cutter, by hand, sheet mulch, etc.) and your anticipated start date.
    • The number of irrigation zones included within your project area.
    • A current ‘before’ photo of the lawn you plan to remove. You may provide the photo at a later date if the area is currently covered with snow. Your application is not considered complete until the photo is received.
    • A one or two sentence explanation of (1) how you typically water the lawn, (2) how you plan to water the new landscape, (3) other features you plan to incorporate like mulch, gravel, and other low-water trees or shrubs, and (4) how you will dispose or recycle the turf you remove.
  3. Submit your application as soon as possible. Remember that all gardens, discounts, and services are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.
  4. Remember, the application review process is competitive. Projects that clearly demonstrate significant water savings are more likely to be approved. This generally includes:
    • Projects that encompass at least one entire irrigation zone, not sections of different zones. This makes it much easier to save water by disabling the entire zone or by converting it to a drip zone.
    • Projects that remove healthy, watered or irrigated grass and replace it with a variety of low-water and drought tolerant plants, shrubs, trees and veggie gardens that will build habitat, attract wildlife and pollinators, and make our communities more beautiful.
    • Projects that use organic mulch or wood chips. Stone and gravel is acceptable but generally discouraged in large quantities as it can contribute to the ‘heat island’ effect.
    • Front and side yard projects are preferred because they encourage neighbors to also swap grass for a low-water garden!