Garden In A Box: Delivery Information

Garden In A Box: Delivery Info

Delivery Updates: (as of 5/15/20 1:30 pm)
To prioritize the health and safety of our customers and staff, in light of COVID-19, we made a community decision to forgo our in-person pickup events and instead utilize FedEx to deliver all gardens directly to each customer’s front door at no additional cost during the months of May and June.  Please note that we are sold out of gardens for the spring season – check back in July for our next round of inventory.

Due to coordination with FedEx, all garden deliveries are delayed by 2 weeks from the original ‘pickup’ date. Therefore, your delivery date will not align exactly with your originally selected pickup date.  For more context on why our schedule is delayed and what we’ve been working on to get you your garden(s), please see additional information at the bottom of this page.  Thank you for your patience as we navigate these changes.

Delivery Schedule: We will email all customers with your “Expected Delivery Window” by 5pm on Friday, May 15th.

May 11-14: Westminster area
May 18-20: Greenwood Village area
May 21-22: Boulder area  (first of 2 Boulder deliveries)
May 25-26: Erie/Lafayette area 
May 26-27: Denver area (first of 3 Denver deliveries)
May 28-29: Golden area
May 29: Castle Rock area
June 1-2: Highlands Ranch area
June 2: Greeley area
June 3-5: Denver area (second of 3 Denver deliveries)
June 5: Loveland area
June 8-9: Longmont area
June 9-10: Denver area (third of 3 Denver deliveries)
June 10: Aurora area
June 11-12: Arvada area
June 12: Adams County
June 15-16: Boulder area (second of 2 Boulder deliveries)
June 16-18: Fort Collins area

Delivery Process:

  1. Resource Central will email you with your “Expected Delivery Window”.
  2. Approximately 5 days before your garden delivery, you will receive up to 4 emails from FedEx.
    • 1st email = your order has been submitted by Resource Central to FedEx and is now being processed (24-48 hours before delivery)
    • 2nd email = your garden is in transit and will arrive by or before 8pm that day (day of delivery)
    • 3rd email = your garden has been delivered with a timestamp (day of delivery)
    • 4th email = your garden delivery has been delayed – you are unlikely to receive this email if you provided us with the correct delivery address (day of delivery)
  3. Plant, enjoy, and share pics of your garden on social media! Tag us at @GardenInABox on Facebook and @ResourceCentral on Instagram.

Things to do while you await your garden delivery:

1) Download your Plant & Care Guide and Garden Info Sheets (includes plant by number maps).

For this season only, we are asking all customers to download these guides.  We have made them mobile and printer friendly to keep your prepping and planting process easy. If you must have these documents mailed to you, please email and we will print and mail these documents (allow 1-2 weeks for receipt).

All customers should download the comprehensive Plant & Care Guide.  To figure out which Garden Info Sheet(s) to download, refer to your confirmation email to remind you which garden(s) you ordered and download the corresponding guide(s).

2) Review more information about prepping your garden space.

For more context, here’s why our schedule is delayed and this is what we’ve been working on to get you your gardens!

  • First, we had to capture each customer’s accurate delivery address to ensure that gardens are delivered to the correct homes and then update all customer data.
  • From there, we were able to work with FedEx to map out the most efficient delivery routes, based on updated delivery addresses, to ensure that we could deliver all customer orders within a 6-week window.
    • That means, we may have adjusted your delivery date to coincide with a date when FedEx will be in your neighborhood.  It is typical that customers will select a pickup based on the date rather than the location when they order a garden, and we needed to prioritize the location over the date to meet our 6-week window.  For example, if you live in Thornton and originally selected the South Denver pickup, then we had to adjust your delivery date to a time when FedEx is in your neighborhood.  We cannot deliver to a Thornton customer when we are delivering to customers in South Denver, because it increases drive times and reduces how many gardens we can deliver in a given day.

We truly apologize for the delays and assure you we are working hard to get you your gardens as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. Coordinating delivery to over 4,000 customers in a 6-week timeframe is a new and exciting undertaking for us; we sincerely appreciate your patience through this process.

More Questions?
Send us an email ( or give us a call (303-999-3820 x 222). We’d be happy to help. We love to talk gardens!