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Best of Summer Veggie Garden – EXTRA


Full sun to part shade36 + sqft | 32 starter plants in 2-inch pots


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Be your own farmer and grow delicious delights right in your backyard! This year’s version of the vegetable garden provides many of the staple ingredients you will need to cook your favorite Mexican and Mediterranean-inspired summer recipes. This garden includes 32 locally-grown, organic starter plants in 2-inch pots which will fill about 36-48 square feet. That said, if you have the space, spread them out a bit for larger plants! This garden is also a great option for container gardening. This garden highlights the warm season crops like squash, tomatoes, and peppers, but we’ve also thrown in some cool season greens for an early harvest, too. Enjoy fresh-picked produce right from your own yard!

For best results, consider planting out the cool season crops (hardy or semi hardy crops) in early May. It also may help out the plants to offer a shade cloth to keep them cool in the Colorado summer sun. Wait to plant the warm season crops (tender or very tender crops) until late May or early June, after the threat of spring frost subsides.

Note: This is not a xeric or low-water garden, but we do our best to offer varieties that will stand up to our hot, dry Colorado summers! Vegetable gardens do require regular watering. At times, we may have to substitute specific plants but we will always do our best to maintain the color and feel of this garden.

Product Details

  • Designed By: Resource Central
  • Covers: at least 36 sqft
  • Includes:
    • 32 starter plants with 22 different varieties in 2-inch pots
    • 2 plant by number layout options (4' x 9' rectangle - vertical or horizontal orientation)
  • Exposure: Full sun (requires a minimum of 6 hours direct sun per day) to part shade (only 4 hours of indirect or direct sun per day)
  • Mature Height Range: 6 in. to 5 ft.
  • Benefits:
    • Locally grown
    • Pollinator-friendly
    • Organic
    • Edible herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables!

Plant Varieties

  • Toma Verde Tomatillo

    Toma Verde Tomatillo

    Quantity: 2

  • Cherokee Purple Tomato (Heirloom slicer)

    Cherokee Purple Tomato (Heirloom slicer)

    Quantity: 2

  • Roma Tomato (Paste Tomato)

    Roma Tomato (Paste Tomato)

    Quantity: 2

  • Sungold Cherry Tomato

    Sungold Cherry Tomato

    Quantity: 2

  • Poblano (Ancho) Pepper

    Poblano (Ancho) Pepper

    Quantity: 1

  • Serrano Pepper

    Serrano Pepper

    Quantity: 1

  • Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne Pepper

    Quantity: 1

  • Orange Lunchbox Pepper

    Orange Lunchbox Pepper

    Quantity: 1

  • Carmen Italian Sweet Pepper

    Carmen Italian Sweet Pepper

    Quantity: 2

  • Yellow Sweet Onion

    Yellow Sweet Onion

    Quantity: 2

  • Red onion

    Red onion

    Quantity: 1

  • Nasturtium


    Quantity: 1

  • Italian Oregano

    Italian Oregano

    Quantity: 1

  • Hot and Spicy Oregano

    Hot and Spicy Oregano

    Quantity: 1

  • Giant of Italy Parsley

    Giant of Italy Parsley

    Quantity: 2

  • Genovese Basil

    Genovese Basil

    Quantity: 2

  • Garlic Chives

    Garlic Chives

    Quantity: 2

  • Lemon Cucumber

    Lemon Cucumber

    Quantity: 1

  • Cocozelle Summer Squash

    Cocozelle Summer Squash

    Quantity: 1

  • Red Russian Kale

    Red Russian Kale

    Quantity: 1

  • Winterbor Kale

    Winterbor Kale

    Quantity: 1

  • Dusky Eggplant

    Dusky Eggplant

    Quantity: 2

What To Expect

  • The Veggie Garden boasts 32 starter plants in 2-inch pots. Plants will be small relative to their mature size.
  • Occasionally things don't grow as planned. At times, we may have to substitute specific plants but we will always do our best to maintain the color and feel of this garden.
  • Days until harvest will vary for each plant.
  • This is not considered a low water or xeric garden.
  • Most gardens will easily fit in a small car  - yes, we're talking Mini Cooper small - unless you ordered multiple gardens (we're not judging). This garden will come in either one 2 ft x 1 ft trays, (pictured left). For more information on the size of gardens, visit our FAQs Page below.

What Customers Say

Grow Your Own!

"I love the idea of growing food for our use."

Denver Water Customer

Easy and Clear Process

"Very easy process and clear communication around pick-up and how-to set-up the garden. Plants seem to be doing well. Thank you!”

City of Fort Collins Customer

Wonderful Program

"A wonderful program. Thank you. I recommend it all the time to friends and neighbors."

City of Longmont Customer