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Colorado Oasis


Full sun | 60 sqft | 15 starter plants


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Bask in the yin-yang balance provided by the native Colorado Oasis garden. The garden’s unique design draws inspiration from the canyons found along the Colorado Front Range. Warm-toned blooms harmonize with cool-toned blooms mirroring the sunny and shady walls of a canyon. The Blue Grama Grass and Switchgrass provide texture and movement, reminiscent of a river meandering through the canyon bottom. Colorado Oasis covers 60 sqft and features 15 native, xeric perennials!



Product Details

  • Designed By: Cheval Oldaker of Ecoscape Environmental Designs
  • Covers: 60 sqft
  • Includes:
    • 15 starter plants with 8 different varieties in 4-inch pots
    • 1 plant by number layout option (6' x 10' rectangle)
  • Exposure: Full sun to part shade (requires a minimum of 4 hrs of direct or indirect sun per day)
  • Mature Height Range: 6 in to 5 ft
  • Hardiness Max: 7,000 ft
  • Bloom Time: Spring to fall
  • Benefits:
    • Locally grown
    • Pollinator-friendly
    • Adaptable sun exposure - full sun to part shade
    • All 8 plants are native to Colorado!
    • 4 of 8 plants are deer resistant*
    • 2 of 8 plants are rabbit resistant*
*We cannot guarantee deer or rabbit resistance!
  • Blue Grama Grass

    Blue Grama Grass

    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Birds

  • Blue Native Harebell

    Blue Native Harebell

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Hummingbirds

  • Firecracker Penstemon

    Firecracker Penstemon

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Hummingbirds

  • Prairie Red Coneflower

    Prairie Red Coneflower

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Bees, Birds, Butterflies

  • Rocky Mountain Penstemon

    Rocky Mountain Penstemon

    Quantity: 1

    Attracts: Bees

  • Switchgrass


    Quantity: 1

    Attracts: Birds, Butterflies

  • Western Blue Spiderwort

    Western Blue Spiderwort

    Quantity: 1

  • Yellow Columbine

    Yellow Columbine

    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds

What To Expect

  • Our xeric gardens feature anywhere from 14 to 30 starter plants in 4-inch pots.* Plants will be small relative to their mature size and they will not be in full bloom.
  • "First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap!" During the 1st and 2nd growing season, xeric plants will be in the establishment phase – requiring regular watering to encourage a deep taproot system, and not yet having reached their full size. On average, allow 3 years for your Xeriscape garden to reach full maturity then start dialing back your water usage!
  • Gardens will easily fit in a small car  - yes, we're talking Mini Cooper small - unless you ordered multiple gardens (we're not judging). One garden will come in either one or two 2 ft x 1 ft trays (pictured left).
*When necessary, Resource Central shall select appropriate plant substitutions.

What Customers Say

Easy and Fun

So user-friendly and fun-- it made gardening easy!

Erie Customer

Hardy and Thriving

I have been changing my front lawn to xeriscape over the last 6 years and have been buying GIAB since the beginning. These are the only plants that ever survive. My garden is gorgeous and I can't say enough about these gardens.

Longmont Customer

Good Deal!

Good deal for the money. The handy PDF file is informative. Liked having suggested designs.

Loveland Customer