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Splendid Seasons – Extra

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Created in collaboration with Denver Botanic Gardens and Northern Water, this is also our first 200 sq. ft. garden! Splendid Seasons brings color, interest and pollinators to your yard all year long. The garden is designed with plants that are high-color and low-water. When planted with small rock mulch, known as squeegee, these plants will be show-stopping and will save you water. It is perfect for the larger areas of your yard that would benefit from added height with the stunning fall-blooming Maximilian Sunflower and Giant Sacaton Grass. Denver Botanic Gardens also offers this document about waterwise gardening best practices for the Front Range of the Rockies.

*We cannot guarantee deer or rabbit resistance.


Product Details

At times, we may have to substitute specific plants but we will always do our best to maintain the color and feel of the original design.
  • Autumn Sapphire™ Sage

    Autumn Sapphire™ Sage

    Quantity: 5

    Attracts: Bees, Birds, Butterflies

  • Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass

    Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass

    Quantity: 6

    Attracts: Birds

  • Blanket Flower

    Blanket Flower

    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Bees, Birds, Butterflies

  • Deep Blue Lavender

    Deep Blue Lavender

    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Bees

  • False Indigo

    False Indigo

    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Butterflies

  • Silver Mound Artemisia

    Silver Mound Artemisia

    Quantity: 3

  • Giant Sacaton Grass

    Giant Sacaton Grass

    Quantity: 1

    Attracts: Birds

  • Maximilian Sunflower

    Maximilian Sunflower

    Quantity: 7

    Attracts: Bees, Birds, Butterflies

  • Pineleaf Penstemon

    Pineleaf Penstemon

    Quantity: 5

    Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds

  • Vermilion Bluffs® Mexican Sage

    Vermilion Bluffs® Mexican Sage

    Quantity: 5

    Attracts: Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds

  • Silver Salvia

    Silver Salvia

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Bees

  • Sunset Hyssop

    Sunset Hyssop

    Quantity: 5

    Attracts: Hummingbirds

  • Switchgrass


    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Birds, Butterflies

What To Expect

  • Each garden contains starter plants in 4-inch pots.
  • The plants will be small relative to their mature size and may not be in bloom.
  • Occasionally things don't grow as planned. At times, we may have to substitute specific plants but we will always do our best to maintain the color and feel of the original design.

What Customers Say

Thriving Plants at a Great Price

"I love this program. In addition to the plants being less expensive than what I can get at my local nursery, the quality of the plants is much better. I've noticed that nearly all of the Garden In A Box plants I put in two years ago are still alive and thriving."

Centennial Water & Sanitation District participant

Swap Water Thirsty Grass with Pretty Blooms

"This is a great service. I have participated 2 years in a row, and plan to take out more grass next spring. Grass is a really stupid crop - [xeric] flowers are much better! And prettier! And water saving!”

City of Westminster participant

Choosing Plants Made Easy

“If I knew about this earlier I would have planted years ago. I was always hung up on not knowing what to plant. I’ve recommended Garden In A Box to so many people!”

Denver Water participant