Flush less water and save more with a high-efficiency toilet upgrade!

Save water and money with every flush – get a high-efficiency toilet upgrade! Through a cost-share program with your local municipality and Resource Central, you can get a modern, sleek Niagara Stealth toilet that works even better than your old one and uses a fraction of the water for much less than the cost of buying it at a big box store. The Stealth only uses 0.8 gallons per flush (gpf) and comes in three sizes: 10″ Rough-In Round Bowl, 12″ Rough-In Round Bowl, and 12″ Rough-In Elongated Bowl.

Boulder County

  • Install the toilet yourself ($75):  Remove your old toilet, discard all non-porcelain parts, and we’ll recycle the old one for you when you come to pick up your new toilet.
  • Have our technician install the toilet for you ($175):  We have trained technicians who will come to your home during a scheduled appointment time, remove your old toilet and install the new Stealth toilet for you. Removal and recycling of your old toilet is included in this price.

ATTENTION:  We will begin our 2018 program soon.  If you would like to be notified when toilets become available, please add your name and information to our 2018 Toilet Upgrade Notification List.

Click here to fill out this online application in order to reserve your toilet today!

Note: If your residence has received a toilet through our high-efficiency upgrade program in the past, then that residence is not eligible for another discounted toilet.  The same toilet, at the regular retail price of ~$155 is available at our store at 6400 Arapahoe in Boulder  (no install included).

Income Qualified Programs now in Boulder County, Thornton, and Westminster

ATTENTION:  We will begin our 2018 program soon.  If you would like to be notified when toilets become available, please add your name and information to our 2017/2018 Toilet Upgrade Notification List.

Please note that these toilets are first come first serve, so the sooner you submit an application, the better your chances are of receiving a toilet for this program season.

Boulder County Income Qualified Program

    Boulder County residents may be eligible for up to one toilet via Resource Central technician installation for free if all qualifications are met. Call us to receive more information about this opportunity! 303-999-3824

Thornton Cares Water Assistance Program

    Thornton Cares Water Assistance Program participants are eligible for two toilets via Resource Central technician install for free if all qualifications are met. Call 303-999-3824 for more information.

Westminster Utility Bill Assistance Program

    Westminster Utility Bill Assistance Program participants are eligible for two toilets via Resource Central technician install for free if all qualifications are met. Call 303-999-3824 for more information.

What else do I need to know?

Before getting started you should be prepared to answer the questions below. Once you hit “Get Started” we’ll walk you through how to answer each question in more detail.  

      • What kind of toilet is it (make and model)? The Niagara Stealth Toilet has a beautifully sleek and modern design, making it a stylish upgrade over older, clunkier versions. The Stealth’s quiet flush uses only 0.8 gallons each time while effectively and efficiently removing waste.
      • Do I have enough clearance? The Stealth toilet flushes by pushing an elegant silver button on the top of the tank. No more jiggling handles! But this means that you will need to measure the vertical space between the floor and any shelf or other obstruction above the tank of your current toilet to ensure that there is at least 36″ of clearance.
      • Will it fit? You will need to measure the rough-in of your current toilet. The rough-in is the distance from the wall to the center of the mounting bolts on your toilet’s base (measure above the baseboard or molding). Grab a ruler or measuring tape!
      • Do I want a Round or Elongated toilet bowl? Those with a rough-in measurement of more than 11.75” may choose between these two options while supplies last. Round bowls are available in both 10” and 12” rough-in sizes; elongated bowls are available in only a 12” rough-in size.
      • Do I have a flange? (You only need to answer this question if you want our technician to install the toilet for you.) To check if you have a flange, you’ll have to take a look at the two bolts on either side of your current toilet. This may require removing the caps covering the bolts. Do you see the bolt head or bolt threads?
      • Thornton Care Water Assistance Program participants must be part of the Assistance Program in 2016 or 2017. These participants are eligible for up to two toilets total, for free. Our technician will install these toilets for you if you meet the other qualifications.

Ready to save money and water with every flush? Fill out our simple application to get your high-efficiency toilet!


Can I get more than one?

There is a limit of one toilet upgrade per residence for all Boulder County customers.  If you are part of the Thornton Cares Water Assistance Program, you are eligible for two toilets in total.

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How long will the toilets be available?

There is a limited supply available for each community in Boulder County and Thornton. Future availability of the toilets beyond 2017 has not been determined.

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What kind of reviews have these toilets received?

When asked how satisfied they were with their Niagara Stealth Toilet, last year’s participants in the Toilet Upgrade Program rated their satisfaction at 4.8 out of 5. Google searches for reviews on Niagara Stealth Toilets will yield similar results.

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What is the difference between the “Round” and “Elongated” toilet styles?

The Round style has a bowl that is shaped like a circle. It is a little bit smaller than the Elongated style, with a height of 16” to the top of the seat, 30” to the top of the tank, and a depth of 27” from the wall to the front of the bowl. The Elongated has a bowl that is shaped like an oval. It is 17” to the top of the seat, 31” to the top of the tank, and a depth of 28.875” from the wall to the front of the bowl. Both are 20.5” wide and are functionally the same.

The Round bowl shape also is available with a smaller, 10’’ rough-in.

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How much do the Niagara Stealth Toilets usually cost?

Generally, the tank and bowl are sold separately. Together, they range anywhere from $150 to $200.

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Can these toilets really flush large amounts of waste with only 0.8 gallons? Do they clog up easily?

Yes, these toilets can flush large amounts of waste, and no, they do not clog up easily. They use a patented vacuum-assisted flush technology that pushes water through the flush valve at high velocity, using compressed air and a sealed tank. All the waste in the bowl is cleared with a powerful, quiet, single flush, activated by simply pressing the flush button.

Using the industry-standard Maximum Performance (MaP) testing criteria, the Niagara Stealth Toilet received an 800-gram flush score rating as well as a “Premium” status rating. It also passed all IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) toilet requirements, which include the ability to flush waste at least 40 feet along the drain line. This is a great demonstrative video with details on flush power.

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What happens to the old toilet?

All of the old toilets will be recycled. If you are self-installing, you will need to drop off your old toilet when you pick up your new high-efficiency model. Since only the porcelain will be recycled, you will need to remove all metal and plastic hardware as well as the seat before dropping it off.

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Are these toilets loud?

They are no louder than any other gravity-flush toilet, and much quieter than a pressure-assisted toilet. Low-water-usage, pressure-assisted toilets use extra force to move waste, and they make a characteristic “whoosh” sound that can be quite startling. The vacuum-assisted design of the Niagara Stealth Toilet avoids that noise while maintaining a strong flush.

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Are there installation challenges I should know about?

Our technician must be able to take out the old bolts in the flange. You can only tell whether the bolts are removable or not by taking the old toilet off. You also must not have a broken flange or rotted/broken floor. If we discover either of these issues after we have removed your old toilet, you will have to have them fixed, at your own expense, before a toilet can be re-installed. Other than that, there are no special parts or techniques needed for installation.

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