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A homeowner and technician talking about a lawnLawn Removal Consultations help Colorado homeowners jumpstart water smart landscape change projects. Qualified homeowners are connected with trained Resource Central technicians for 45 minute in-person consultations that provide inspiration, landscaping ideas, and estimated expenses for removing and replacing thirsty lawn. Sign up for a Lawn Removal Consultation and we’ll help get you one step closer to creating a xeric, low-maintenance, pollinator-friendly yard that you and your neighbors will love!

Consultations are available at no cost through our partnerships with local water providers. 2020 participating utilities include the cities of Arvada, Golden, Lafayette, Thornton, and the Little Thompson Water District. Consultations are not currently available in other communities.

You’ll receive:

  • An in-person landscape assessment to identify areas for conversion from lawn to Garden In A Box or other low-water and pollinator-friendly alternatives
  • Recommendations for converting traditional sprinkler zones to more efficient drip systems
  • A written report including a simple sketch of your irrigation zones, estimated lawn conversion expenses, and potential water savings

Lawn Removal Consultations focus exclusively on reducing outdoor water use. Consultations do not include identification of existing plants, lawn care advice, nor other landscape services which do not relate to water conservation.

Consider pairing your Lawn Removal Consultation with a Slow the Flow sprinkler assessment for maximum water savings! City of Golden residents who register for a Lawn Removal Consultation are required to complete a Slow the Flow sprinkler assessment.

REGISTER NOWArvada, Golden, Lafayette, Thornton, & Little Thompson Water District customers can qualify

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