Less Lawn, More Savings

The Lawn Replacement Program offers you a mix-and-match solution for upgrading to a more waterwise yard. We’ll help you save water and money, reduce lawn maintenance, and create a colorful backyard habitat.

Just agree to remove at least 200 square feet of lawn and submit a short application online. We’ll be in touch about your project shortly after. Check the Find Your Discount section to determine if you are eligible for water provider sponsored discounts.

Step 1: Find Your Benefits

Step 2: See Your Services

Use the benefit finder to see what services you qualify for

This program provides you with the flexibility to utilize your discount how you want. You can apply the discount towards lawn removal services or garden in a box kits or a little of both. If you like doing things yourself, you can remove the lawn yourself and use the discount towards Garden In A Box kits. Hover over the options below to learn more.

Hiring us for Lawn Removal includes sod removal & disposal – leaving you with a blank canvas to create the waterwise yard of your dreams

Want to get your hands dirty? Remove the turf yourself and use your discount for up to 500 sq. ft. of Garden In A Box kits

Using your discount for removal services and garden in a box kits makes lawn replacement easier. We’ll do the hard work and using our ready-made garden kits takes care of the planning for you.

Great news, your water provider wants to reward your waterwise yard with a rebate! To participate, you will need:

  • Before and after photos
  • A waterwise landscape plan
  • Receipts for materials and services related to the project

Once you have provided the final results of your lawn replacement project, you water provider will work with you to provide a rebate in the form of a water bill credit!


Find more information here.

Ineligible for a discount? That’s okay, Resource Central offers competitive pricing for lawn removal services! We charge $2.50 per square foot for removal and disposal. You can also visit our Garden In A Box store to purchase plants to replace your lawn.

Step 3: Apply

1. Measure your space and determine sun exposure (200 sqft or more).

2. Take photos of the area.

3. Submit an online application.

4. Connect with our staff about your project.

5. Remove lawn through us or do-it-yourself.

6. Convert or adjust your irrigation system.

7. Pick up and plant your low-water gardens.

8. Share your project on WaterwiseYards.org to inspire others!


Email the Turf Removal team or call 303-999-3820 x221

Community Reviews

4.8 star rating overall

“Great program, that highly incentivizes people to go water-wise. Work crew was great – polite, hard workers, good communication, on time. Popular program, so I think having more crews early in season would be good to enable timely planting.”

Program Participant, 2022

“We were so relieved to have Resource Central remove the sod for us. The team of workers…were very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly!”

Program Participant, 2021

“It was a great program, and I am looking forward for saving money on our water bills. I loved the great communication & help by Resource Central Staff on step by step on this project.”

Program Participant, 2022

Are you a water provider wanting to offer this program to your customers? Learn about partnerships here.