Project Options

Lawn Removal Services

Use your discount toward Resource Central removal services. We will handle the heavy lifting, hauling and disposal leaving you with a blank canvas for your new water-wise yards.


Looking to get your hands dirty? Remove the turf yourself, show us the after photos then use your discount towards Garden In A Box kits to finish out your new waterwise yard.

About Lawn Replacement

Preparing for your application 

  1. Measure your planned project area
  2. Take photos of your project space

Submitting your application (at the bottom of this page)

  1. Choose your project size
  2. Select if you want to apply your discount to Garden In A Box kits
  3. Tell us about yourself and your project
  4. Add before photos of your project area
  5. Submit your application!

We’ll take a look at your application and reach out within 2 weeks. If you are pre-approved, you will receive educational resources and can book a consultation with our team if you have any questions.

Once you’ve made your project plan, you’ll finish your Kick Start form to let us know:

  • What you’ll be replacing your lawn with
  • Percentage of project area in plants vs ground cover materials
  • How you are changing your irrigation
  • You agree to the terms and conditions of our program

If approved, provide your 50% deposit by April 15 to lock-in your project for removal between May and August. We will provide your project schedule in May/June.

The Price Calculator at the bottom of this page will calculate your project price for you but if you want to know more.

This shows your discounted project square feet. Please note, anything over this amount costs $2.50 per square foot.

Step 1:

           $ Your provider discount
     -  $ Garden cost
           $ Remaining discount

Step 2:

        $ Remaining Discount ➗ $1.50

        = Amount of sq ft that you pay $1 per sq ft for


           $ 1000 discount
     - $ 333 spent on gardens
       $ 667 Remaining Discount


$ 667 ➗ $1.50 = 444 (You pay $1 per sq ft up to 444 sq ft)

$2.50 per sq ft for every sq ft over 444

Garden In A Box kits

You can use your discount toward exclusive Lawn Replacement Garden In A Box kits (up to 300 sq ft) or you can purchase your own in the Garden Store.

Waterwise Plant Material

  • Perennial plants (CSU Extension and High Country Gardens are good resources)
  • Native or low-water grasses: Buffalograss, Blue Gramma, DogTuff
  • Clover or wildflowers

Ground Cover / Patios

Small-to-medium size patios and decks using permeable materials; permeable rock, stone, or gravel areas or pathways; or any other combination thereof. Keep in mind 50% of your project area must be plant material.

Qualified Candidates

Your project area must be watered, well-maintained grass. Applicants with dead grass or overgrown weeds will not be accepted.

You must properly adjust and maintain your irrigation system and/or watering schedule to account for the new low-water landscape features.

Replacement Materials

You must replace at least 50% of the removed turf area with plant material.

  • Plant material: waterwise perennial gardens (preferred); small-to-medium size patios and decks using permeable materials; Buffalograss (Buchloë dactyloides); other low-water grasses; clover; wildflower meadows;
  • Ground cover: permeable rock, stone, or gravel areas or pathways; or any other combination thereof.
  • Not allowed: Artificial/synthetic turf, impermeable concrete or similar material, water features, invasive species, or new turf.


You must be the legal owner and/or manager of the property located at the address below. It is your responsibility to comply with any and all municipal and/or homeowners’ association landscaping codes, standards, and ordinances.

If your property is covenant controlled and/or part of a homeowners’ association (HOA), you are responsible for seeking and obtaining proper approval for your landscape change project prior to starting any work. Resource Central is not responsible for fines, fees, or penalties imposed by HOAs or similar entities.

We use sod cutters to remove 2.5 inches of turf and soil leaving you with a blank canvas. Please note, some yards sit above sidewalk/driveways/pavement – our crews will not level or grade your project space.

We recommend planting and covering the area in mulch or rocks within 1 week. If your sod is removed before your plants are ready, pre-layout the plant holes then mulch or rock around the holes.

Your irrigation system must be changed for your new waterwise yard. Watering the area as-usual will result in grass grow-back and weeds. We recommend switching to a drip system or hand-watering your plants until they are established (3 years).

Price Calculator

Use the price calculator to find the right project for you, then sign-up for our interest list to be notified when the 2024 application opens.


Email the Turf Removal team or call 303-999-3820 x221