Lawn Replacement Program Application

To Submit Your Application:

  • Upload 2 photos. One picture should show your project area as-is. The other photo should depict your project area marked with items such as a hose, rope, spray paint, or other identifying object to clearly mark the area you would like to remove turf.
  • A photo of your water bill and water utility account number will be necessary to apply possible discounts.
  • Make note of sprinklers in the area. For your application, you will need to know if there is any irrigation within your desired project area.
  • What does your turf look like? You’ll need to identify the condition of your turf based on the color of the turf.
  • How would you like to use your utility discount? Let us know on the application how you want to spend your discount.

Next Steps:

  • We will reach out in two weeks to confirm the status of your application. If your project is approved, you will be schedule to complete a phone consultation.
  • During your consultation we will collect a $100 deposit. This deposit will be returned in full once the project is complete.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Garden In A Box selection through the Lawn Replacement program is limited. For full garden selection, please purchase gardens directly from the Garden In A Box store.

Note for all applicants:

To qualify, you must be willing to permanently remove and replace at least 200 sqft of existing, watered, and maintained lawn. Unfortunately, a lawn that has already been removed is never eligible for discounts.


Email Turf Removal Team or call us at 303-999-3820 x221.