Lawn Replacement Program

Application Details

Application Tips

  • Be sure to submit a complete lawn replacement application early. Discounts and materials are limited.
  • Plan your project before applying. You’ll need the following information for the application:
    • Your water utility account number.
    • The exact square footage of the lawn you plan to remove.
    • The number of irrigation zones (if any) included within the project area.
    • A “before” photo of the lawn you plan to remove. The photo must have been taken within the past six months. You may provide the photo at a later date if the area is currently covered with snow.
    • A one or two sentence explanation of: (1) how you typically water the lawn. (2) How you plan to water the new landscape. (3) What types of low-water plants and materials you will use to complete the project.
  • Use mostly wood mulch, not rock or stone. Too much rock contributes to the heat island effect.
  • Clearly demonstrate how your project will save water. This can be achieved by:
    • Replacing healthy, watered and maintained lawn in one (or multiple) ENTIRE irrigation zones, not sections of different zones. This makes is much easier to convert the entire zone to drip or to disable it entirely.
    • Replacing the space with Garden In A Box kits or other very low-water plants, shrubs, trees, or veggie gardens. Your new landscape should incorporate living plant material. It should also create habitat and beautify our neighborhoods. Your project should not just replace lawn with large barren expanses of rock or dirt.
  • Remove lawn in your front yard. Back yard projects are acceptable but we prefer front yard projects. More visible projects encourage neighbors to also swap lawn for a low-water garden!


Anyone who lives in the greater Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Boulder, Denver, Aurora, Centennial and Parker area may submit this lawn replacement application.

Many customers will automatically qualify for a Lawn Removal Service discount and free low-water Garden In A Box kits. In 2022, you must be a current customer of one of the following water providers to receive a discount:

Cities of Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Fountain, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Northglenn, Thornton and Westminster. Town of Berthoud, Town of Erie, Little Thompson Water District, and Willows Water District customers are also eligible.

You must provide your water utility account number and physical address.

If your water provider is not listed, you can still pay the regular price of $2.25 per square foot for our Lawn Removal Service. You can also purchase Garden In A Box kits at the regular price.

Project Requirements

To qualify for a Lawn Removal Service discount and/or free Garden In A Box kits, you must sign a contract agreeing that you will:

  • Voluntarily remove at least 200 square feet of existing, watered, and maintained lawn.
  • Replace the entire space with your choice of low-water, native, and drought tolerant plants, shrubs and/or trees. Other low-water landscape features like patios and pathways are also OK. Your project should not include excessive amounts of gravel, crushed stone, pavement, nor other impermeable surfaces.
  • Submit a complete and accurate lawn replacement application, including your water utility account number and a “before” photo.
  • Properly adjust your irrigation system and/or watering schedule to account for the new low-water landscape.
  • Complete the work within 30 days of removing the lawn.
  • If you hire our Lawn Removal Service, you must allow access to your property for the purpose of utility line locating and marking.


Applying to the program is always free.

You will not be charged any fees if your application is approved and you choose to remove a section on lawn on your own.

If you choose to hire our Lawn Removal Service, you must:

  • Pay a $100 deposit to secure your appointment. Deposits are refundable if you cancel with at least 10 businesses days notice. The deposit will be applied toward your balance.
  • If you qualify for a discount, you must agree to pay the reduced rate of $1.00 per square foot of lawn removed. Your discount will be limited to a pre-determined amount. If your project exceeds your discount amount, you must pay the regular rate of $2.25 per square foot for the additional lawn removal.
  • If you do not qualify for a discount, you must agree to pay the regular rate of $2.25 per square foot of lawn removed.
  • All deposit and balance payments must be made by credit or debit card. We never accept cash nor checks.
  • Payment is due immediately upon completion of the Lawn Removal Service by credit or debit card only.


Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) almost always require formal approval of landscape change projects, especially in front yards. If applicable, it is your responsibility to seek and obtain proper approval from your HOA prior to beginning your project.

Colorado House Bill 19-1050 prohibits your HOA from requiring any amount of grass or limiting the use of low-water plants in your yard. They can still require a review process to make sure your proposed low-water landscape looks good.


If you’d like to receive the complimentary Garden In A Box kits in May or early June 2022, you must submit a complete application by March 14, 2022.

If funding and space remains, a second deadline of July 15, 2022 may be announced. These customers will receive Garden In A Box kits in September, 2022.

All applications are approved on a first come, first served basis until we run out of materials or program funding. Don’t wait to apply!