Spray Valve Upgrade

Save water in commercial kitchens with a quick, easy, and effective pre-rinse spray valve (PRSV) upgrade. This 15-minute swapping service is offered at no cost to businesses and creates instant, measurable water and energy savings. Replacing a standard PRSV with a high-efficiency model can save a single business over 20,000 gallons of water annually.

According to the EPA, US commercial kitchens use approximately 51 billion gallons of water annually rinsing dishes. Replacing a single PRSV with a WaterSense-labeled model will reduce water use by at least 20%. Increase efficiency without sacrificing performance. Get an efficient PRSV, provided to your business at no cost, by calling us today.


  • Must be a business with a working pre-rinse spray valve
  • Your current PRSV must be less efficient than models offered through the program
  • Your business must receive water from the City of Longmont, City of Aspen or Thornton Water.

How to Receive a PRSV

If your business is serviced by one of the above water providers, then give us a call and let us know you want one! We’ll schedule a short, 15-minute appointment to install your new, efficient PRSV. Please call 303.999.3824 or email water@resourcecentral.org and ask for a PRSV Upgrade.

All PRSVs Offered Are WaterSense Labeled

wspromolabel_lookWaterSense is a program of the EPA that provides consumers with 3rd party–certified products that not only are high-performing, but are high-efficiency as well.

Find more information about WaterSense Labeled PRSVs here.

Currently offered PRSVs

The PRSV models currently offered through this program include:

  • Niagara N2180: 1.28 gpm
  • T & S Brass B-0107-J: 1.07 gpm
  • Bricor 094PRV: 0.94 gpm