Renew Our Schools is now available nationwide!

Since 2011, Renew Our Schools has brought energy conservation programs to schools all over Colorado and now it is available to any school– public, charter, independent K-12– in the US!

Participation includes:

An eGauge energy monitor that displays your school’s electricity use in REAL-TIME.  To see an eGauge in action, click here.

Tools to measure your school’s energy use including light meters, kill-o-watts, and infrared thermometers.

Links to our website to access your electricity usage, curriculum, and REAL-TIME results. 

Your school’s performance data compared to other schools for a competitive and fun experience!

A chance to win $2,500!

Renew Our Schools is looking for a few select schools to participate in a nationwide pilot program in the Spring of 2019.  To find out more information about the program and to have someone from Renew Our Schools contact you, please email kcroasdale@resourcecentral.orgThe deadline for entry for the Spring competition is September 21st. However, we will have another competition coming soon!  Please contact us if you are interested!