Dailyish Donations

Our reclaimed inventory changes by the hour- check out the latest and greatest stuff we’ve received. We’ll do our best to stay up to date on this page. If an image is no longer here, it has likely been purchased. Give us a call at (303) 419-5418 or send us an email to Reuse@ResourceCentral.org for recent donation details.

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Silver Framed Mirror Stack
40 Silver Framed Mirrors, apprx. 26″ x 32″, $30 each.
Metal Staircase
Metal staircase with wood treads included.
The metal frame has a tread depth of 9.75″ and a height of 8″. Wood treads have a depth of 11.5″,
Stainless Steel Fridge
Frigidaire Refrigerator, model: FFHT1725LK6, Width: 30″, Depth: 32 5/8″, Height: 66 5/8″, $75


Silver & Black Whirlpool Fridge
Whirlpool Gold Fridge, model: GR2SHWXPS02
Width: 32 1/2″, Depth: 32 1/4″, Height: 66 1/2″,
Wood Door with Sign Panels
Front Door: 68.5″ width, 83″ height,
Close up of recently donated penny bar.
Penny bar with sink. Measurements- width: 85.75″ depth: 20.75″ height: 40.25″, $375

Lauren posing behind the penny bar.

Silver Bathroom Seat Dispenser
Bathroom Seat Dispensers, $5 each.
Wood Flooring in boxes
Wood Flooring, $2/sq.ft.


Row of Silver Used Mailboxes
Silver Mailboxes, $10 each.



Metal Fireplace Frame Structure
Metal Fireplace Structure. Full size: 68.5″ long, 44.5″ tall. Cut out section: 3′ long, 32.5″ tall, $40.


Wood Display Case
Wood display case with a velvet fabric background. Dimensions: 22.5″ x 61.5″, $50


Brass lamp with hinge on table
Brass Style Desk Lamp, $20.



Yellow/Orange Bamboo Counter sitting the showroom.
Bamboo counter with polyurethane finish. Apprx. 22″ x 36″, 35″ tall. $100.


Tea Candle Holders
Tea Candle Holders, $.50 each.
Boulder library Alien Souvenir cups, $0.50 each.
Perfect for an alien-themed party, entertaining extraterrestrial guests, or a DIY bowling game.
Desk Set
Desk Set: desk, 2 drawer cabinets, 1 upper cabinet. $224 total