Home Energy Actions

Absolutely none of the personal information that you provide is shared. We only use the information to verify that the form has been filled out by a real person. All of the personal information will be deleted at the end of the competition.

Click HERE to access the Home Energy Actions pledge online for Adams 12 Schools

School Home Energy Action pledges
Hillcrest Elementary 29
Horizon High 275
Hunter’s Glen Elementary 43
Legacy High 567
Mountain Range HS 632
Riverdale Elementary 25
Rocky Top Middle 26
Shadow Ridge Middle 43
STEM Launch 108
Thornton High 81
Total 1,829

Click HERE to access the Home Energy Actions pledge online for Douglas County Schools

School Home Energy Action pledges
Buffalo Ridge Elementary 65
Castle View High 2
Cresthill Middle 2
Eldorado Elementary 243
Frontier Valley Elementary 65
Pine Lane Elementary 232
Prairie Crossing Elementary 1
Sierra Middle 14
Total 624


Home Energy Action pledge

The HEA is a document that provides household energy use information and energy saving tips that a household can adopt to save energy and earn points for their school. A household can submit the form online or by sending a printed form to the school. If a household pledges to focus on 3 energy saving tips during the competition, that household earns points for their school.

How to Complete the Online pledge:

Each household filling out the pledge must click the link at the top of this page.   Note that households filling out the pledge on paper skip this step.

Part 1: Make a Household Pledge
Each household must choose 1 tip from each of the 3 energy-saving categories, reaffirming that choice at the bottom of each page.

Part 2: Display your Pledge in your household
After the household chooses their 3 energy-saving tips and submits the pledge, an email will be sent to the address listed on the form showing the 3 tips that household chose. The household will then focus on these 3 tips. At this point, credit will be given to the school for this category in the competition.

If you can’t complete the form online, you can use a paper copy:

How to Complete the Printed Form: Print a copy of the HEA from the website or get one from your school. Fill the form out as needed and return just the final page to your school for credit. The form must include parent signature and school name in order to receive credit.
To download the HOME ENERGY ACTION form in English, click HERE.
To download the HOME ENERGY ACTION form in Spanish, click HERE.

How credit is determined: The school will earn 1 point for every percent of the school population that completes either version of the HEA.


  • Each home can submit only one form.
  • No spamming! (submitting fake entries to boost your score).
  • A household earns credit for their school only by submitting the form by midnight of the last day of competition.
  • Technically, a school can earn more than 100% of this category. If all 
students submit an HEA form, and other households (i.e.: neighbors) in 
the community do as well, the total may be more than 100%.
  • Submissions will be ‘spot checked’ to prevent spamming and 
forms that are invalid will be disqualified.
  • For the online version, HEA submissions will be automatically updated 
on the competition website when they are submitted. For the printed version, HEA submissions will be entered on the website as the signature pages are received.

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