School Measured Savings

Can you change your school’s energy behaviors?

In the Renew Our Schools energy competition, schools reduce their electricity usage by changing energy behaviors: turning off lights, removing unnecessary appliances, setting computers to power save mode, etc.

Use the tools in your tool kit (light meters, kill-o-watts, and thermometers) and complete the energy audit to find areas in your school where energy can be saved!

Before the competition begins, we will calculate how much electricity your building typically uses (your baseline) and compare it to how much you use during competition.  You will see those results on your dashboard each day. 

Baseline: Your school’s typical average energy usage at that time of year and during the current outdoor air temperatures (weather normalization).

How you earn points:

Each 1% saved at the meter is worth 4 points in the overall score of the school. We add these points to the points you earn by completing the School Energy Actions to determine the winner!