Mentors are a crucial part of the ReNew Our Schools Program. A mentor is a professional expert, motivated or knowledgeable student, or any other individual who feels they can contribute to this important cause! 

Mentors help the school conduct energy audits, identify measures to reduce electricity consumption and come up with fun and effective tactics to engage the community. Each mentor is given tools to help them be successful!

Not only do they provide support and valuable knowledge throughout the competition, they have the opportunity to serve as role models and encourage students to pursue careers in the energy and sustainability field.

“I did not know what I wanted to do with my life once I graduated from high school.  Now I do!”

Pomona High School student.

If you are interesting in learning more about our mentorship program or are interested in participating as a mentor, please email

Thanks Mentors!

Thank you to all mentors who have participated in our past competitions.  Your service and support has been invaluable!

Organization Mentor Session
Boulder County Beth Beckel 2013
Rachel Norton 2013
Jeremy Epstein 2013
Center for ReSource Conservation Shaun LeBarre 2013
Paul Falsone 2015
Tyler Kesler 2015
National Renewable Energy Lab Lars Lisell 2014
Jennifer Scheib 2015
Eric Wilson 2015
Platte River Power Authority Adam Perry 2013, 2014
Jesse Monn 2014
Bryce Brady 2015
Trident Energy Emily Artale 2013, 2014
John Canfield 2013
Joan Gregerson 2014
University of Colorado, Boulder Katya Hafich 2015
Ned (Scott) Frank 2015
Joseph Nick 2014
Xcel Energy Tom Minerick 2013, 2014
Dominic Kennedy 2014
Ian Clampert 2015
EnergySmart Jeremy Epstein 2014
Kathy Okon 2014
Longmont Power & Communications Chuck Finleon 2014, 2015
Bryce Brady 2015
McKinstry, LLC Ashley Brasovan 2015
Lee Smit 2015
Siemens Industry, Inc Brian Gamet 2015
Oscar Rangel 2015
Accentz Inc Adil Khan 2015
Alliance for Climate Education Jesse Fischer 2013
Amplidyne Co. Adil Kahn 2014
Cadmus Group Ryan Hughes 2015
City of Longmont Justin Greene 2013
Eco-Cycle Cyndra Dietz 2014
General Services Administration Andrew Olsen 2014
Green Schools Alliance Curry Rosato 2014
Group14 Engineering Rachelle Macur 2015
Harness Energy Ben Schloesser 2015
Hord Coplan Macht Ara Massey 2015
Iconergy Erik Jeannette 2015
Johnson Controls Andrew Morton 2014
Namaste Solar Matthew Herman 2015
Partners for a Clean Environment Zach Swank 2015
Slaterpaull Architects Ara Massey 2014, 2015
United Power Bill Meier 2013, 2014
University of Colorado, Denver Jim Nelson 2014, 2015
Waste Management Katie Symons 2014
The Watershed School Ari Gino 2015
4Sight Energy Solutions Steven Morgan 2015