Indoor Assessment

Commercial Water Use Assessments for Your Business

Your Colorado business now has the opportunity to receive a no-cost assessment of its water use efficiency. Trained technicians from Resource Central will test all your fixtures and appliances for flow rate efficiency and deliver recommendations for possible improvements in a customized Water Conservation Action Plan.

The Plan includes:

  • Recommended upgrades for water and energy savings
  • Cost savings and payback periods for recommended upgrades
  • Rebate opportunities from your  water provider

Commercial water assessments offer your business the opportunity to:

  • Reduce water and utility bills
  • Make appropriate infrastructure and appliance upgrades
  • Reach sustainability goals
  • Become a better community member by reducing demand on local resources

Businesses that receive the assessment can also receive sample high-efficiency faucet aerators, showerheads, and pre-rinse spray valves (if desired), along with their Action Plan. The Action Plan provides suggestions (nothing is mandatory or required) to help your business save water and money. Expected savings range from $100 to $10,000 per year, depending on variables like number and age of fixtures and the size of your business.

Two Easy Steps to Water Savings:

  1. Is Your Business Eligible for a No-Cost Assessment?

    Take our eligibility quiz to find out if you qualify for a Slow the Flow Indoor Assessment. Once your eligibility is confirmed, locate your water account number (listed on water bill statements).

  2. Request an Assessment

    If your Water Provider is on the list, you may request a Slow the Flow Assessment! Request an appointment by calling 303.999.3824 to speak with a scheduler directly, or by emailing us at


Do I have to pay for the assessment?

Slow the Flow commercial assessments are provided at no cost to you so long as your business receives water through a participating water provider. Through grants that we have received to do this work, and in partnership with your water utility, we are able to offer this service at no cost to you.

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How much money will I save on my water bill?

Older buildings and businesses with high water usage in kitchens and restrooms are the most likely to see significant water savings from this assessment. Due to significant variation in fixture types, usage rates, and business sizes, it is not
possible for us to predict the exact amount of money that each business can save from our water assessment. Past Slow the Flow assessments show that water savings can result in annual savings between $100 and over $1,000. The report that we provide following the assessment will detail the cost savings and the payback time for each water conservation measure that we recommend to you.

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How long will the assessment take?

The assessment will take one to two hours. The duration of the assessment will depend on the size of your business and the number of fixtures that it has. For large facilities, the tests will be performed on a representative number of fixtures, chosen by the water technician and your representative staff member, in order to evaluate areas and fixtures with the greatest potential for water savings, and to ensure the most efficient use of your staff’s time.

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Will the assessment interfere with my business operations?

The water technician will do their best NOT to interfere with your business operations. They will not do tests or inspections anywhere that you do not want them to be done.

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Does my staff need to be present during the assessment?

At least one staff member will need to meet with the water technician at the beginning of the appointment. After this, the technician can work on his/her own for most of the assessment. At the end, he/she will meet with the staff member again to go over the initial findings and explain the next steps. We recommend that the staff member(s) that is/are most involved with the maintenance or use of the water fixtures and appliances be available during the assessment in case the technician has questions.

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Who will perform my assessment?

A professionally trained Water Audit Technician from Resource Central will perform the assessment. Meet our water staff.

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Who is Resource Central and what experience do they have performing these assessments?

Resource Central is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to put conservation into action. We have been leaders in the local conservation community since 1976, running creative and collaborative water, energy, and waste reduction programs across the Front Range. We train all of our water conservation technicians to industry-standard levels. For the commercial water assessment program, we hired Water Demand Management—a local consulting firm with expertise in commercial water assessments—to help us design our training and perform several test assessments.

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