Slow the Flow Aspen

Outdoor Sprinkler Inspections for Your Home in Aspen!

Slow the Flow offers water-saving in-ground sprinkler inspections for your residential property. Through our partnership with the City of Aspen, Slow the Flow Sprinkler inspections are available for free to qualifying residents. Participants schedule an appointment to meet with a trained water conservation specialist at their home and learn how to save water and money while keeping their lawn healthy and green!

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The service usually takes 90 minutes and involves a visual inspection, data collection, and in-depth evaluation. Our water conservation specialists will deliver a clear and actionable list of suggestions to reduce water use and runoff at each property, while keeping landscapes and lawns healthy.

And as a resident of the City of Aspen, you also qualify for two additional programs!

1.) Indoor Water Inspection: a trained specialist will consult with you on where and how you use the most water in your home and will make simple recommendations to help you be more efficient. Our specialist will measure outputs from faucets, toilets, and shower-heads, and give you a personalized cost/benefit analysis on fixture replacement options. You may also receive free low-flow shower-heads and faucet aerators!

2.) Rain Sensor Installation: In addition to these water-saving opportunities, City of Aspen residents are also eligible to receive a free Rain Sensor on sprinkler systems. With a rain sensor, you’ll never have to worry about your irrigation system watering in the rain again. Our specialist will install the rain sensor and make sure its properly connected and communicating with your control clock, completely free!

But act fast, appointments are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis! 

See how the sprinkler inspection works here!