Non-Residential Sprinklers

Outdoor Irrigation Inspections for Your HOA or Business

Slow the Flow offers a quick and impactful way to evaluate the irrigation practices of your HOA or commercial property and makes simple suggestions for changes that will reduce waste and runoff. Slow the Flow’s trained technicians perform a detailed analysis of your existing sprinkler system and will provide a comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations to improve efficiency.

The service will provide suggestions that will deliver measurable improvements in water use reduction, saving your HOA or commercial property money, and supporting community conservation goals. This no-cost service is available through partnerships with more than two dozen water utilities across Colorado’s Front Range.

Five Steps to Water Savings

  1. Check Your Eligibility

    Check your eligibility to find out if you qualify for a Slow the Flow Outdoor Inspection. For any further questions, please call 303.999.3824.

  2. Review the Information Packet

    Read through our HOA/Commercial Property Information Packet to make sure this service is right for you.

  3. Complete the Application

    Request an appointment by completing our Online Application.

  4. Complete the Liability Waiver

    Fill out and sign our Liability Waiver.

  5. We Will Contact You to Schedule

    Once you have completed our Online Application and submitted the Liability Waiver, our customer service staff will contact you after reviewing the application to schedule the appointment.


Please call 303.999.3824.

Looking for your Report?

Request another copy of your sprinkler inspection report by emailing with the name of your business or HOA and the year the inspection was completed.


How long will it take?

The appointment duration depends on the size of the property’s irrigation system. A person responsible for the maintenance of the landscape must be present for the first 1-2 hours of the inspection.

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When can I get an inspection?

Availability for large property inspections are extremely limited, so register early to ensure your spot for the coming summer. Inspections are conducted from June until August annually.

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Who will do the inspection?

Our team of professionally trained technicians from Resource Central perform Slow the Flow inspections.

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What does an outdoor irrigation inspection involve?

A Slow the Flow sprinkler inspection includes:

  • A visual inspection of every irrigation zone on your property to pinpoint problems in the sprinkler system
  • Tests to measure precipitation rates—how much water is coming out of sprinkler system
  • Tests to determine distribution uniformity—how evenly the water is covering the intended area
  • Soil sample to determine root depth and soil type

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What will I get after the inspection?

Your business or HOA will receive a comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations to improve the overall efficiency of the sprinkler system.

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