Next Tool Sale: TBD

6400 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder

Latest Tool Sale Results:

  • 100,048 lbs of tools diverted from the landfill

  • 437 community members served

Tool Sale Team Photo

Mark your calendars and clean your garage.

Tool Sales are our biggest landfill diversion days of the year. Take advantage of deeply discounted prices. We’ll have hand tools, power tools, shop tools, landscaping tools, and more.
Around 100,000 lbs of tools are diverted from the landfill in one, single day during Resource Central Tool Sales. With the construction and deconstruction industry producing over 548 million tons of debris in 2015, according to the EPA, events like these help mitigate the damage not to mention the monetary benefits speak for themselves.

Learn more about our Materials Reuse program here.

Savings Example

Bostitch Nailer

Retail: $150+

Tool Sale: $15