Classroom Toolkits

Resource Central offers Classroom Toolkits comprised of proven devices that students can use throughout the competition to improve their experience and strengthen their learning. Each toolkit will be mailed directly to your school in anticipation of the start of the competition.

What’s Included


A Lux-meter or Light-meter is used to determine how brightly lit a space is. Compare the reading from the lux-meter with our “Recommended Lighting for Schools” chart to determine if a space is too bright or not bright enough, and make recommendations for changes for a more pleasant atmosphere.

Infrared Thermometer

Students always have fun with Infrared Thermometers – but these tools are more than entertainment. Throughout the competition, students will explore how data from Infrared Thermometers can help us make choices about cooling/heating a space, amongst other smart energy usage measures.


Learn once and for all exactly how much energy a device is using, even when it’s not on! Watt-meters are valuable for illustrating the concept of “vampire loads” as well as measuring exact energy consumption all hours of the day. This device can make the difference in a students understanding of what it means to use energy.

Ordering Details

Use the form below to order your Classroom Toolkit. You may use your Classroom Toolkit every year that you compete, for the life of the devices. If you already have a toolkit from a past competition, you do not need to order another unless you’d like additional sets.

While not required for competition, it is very highly recommended that each classroom have at least one (1) Classroom Toolkit available. Some school districts offer Tool Libraries and have these devices available for loan.

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