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Our free, online Waterwise Yard Seminars are taught by local landscape and horticultural professionals. Get your landscaping questions answered and learn how to keep your yard looking great while using less water. Seminar topics range from low-water landscape design, xeric plant selection, smart irrigation, and more. Both novice and advanced gardeners are sure to learn something new.  Seminars are held virtually, via Zoom.

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Creating a Fire-Resilient Landscape: Defensible Space & Design Principles, July 24

For gardener level: Beginner
This presentation will give an overview of defensible space and how to incorporate firewise principles to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape design. We will discuss native, low-water, and pollinator-friendly fire-resilient plants, as well as fire-resilient materials.

Speaker: Chris Woods, Woods Landscape Design, LLC     Date & Time: Wed. July 24, 6:30-8 pm

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Water on the Front Range/ Agua en el Front Range, August 8

For gardener level: Beginner
Water is a limited resource throughout much of the West. This talk will help you understand where water comes from, how it’s used, and how landscape management practices can contribute to water conservation. Topics covered will include soils, managing runoff, irrigation efficiency, and the basics of choosing waterwise plants.  El agua es un recurso limitado en gran parte de Occidente. Esta charla le ayudará a comprender de dónde viene el agua, cómo se utiliza, y cómo las prácticas de gestión del paisaje pueden contribuir a la conservación del agua. Los temas cubiertos incluyen suelos, manejo de escorrentía, eficiencia del riego, y los conceptos básicos para elegir plantas waterwise (plantas que ahorren agua).

This seminar will also have live Spanish translation available.

Speaker: Eric Hammond, CSU Extension      Date & Time: Thurs. August 8, 6:30-8 pm

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Perennials and Fall Planting, August 14

For gardener level: All levels
While many of your plants shine in the spring and summer, don’t forget about plants that can add a lot of impact and color to your landscape in the fall. Not only is there a great selection of perennials that flower, but some even have wonderful leaf color. Fall is also a time to do clean-up and maintenance before winter. Join Alison O’Connor for a list of some of her favorite perennials and tips on how to plant, care for, and maintain these beauties.

Speaker: Alison O’Connor, CSU Extension      Date & Time: Wed. August 14, 6:30-8 pm

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Western Water: Prior Appropriations, Compacts, and Colorado Solutions, August 20

For gardener level: All levels
This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of Western water rights, tracing the historical development of the priority system and its significance in water allocation. It also delves into the intricacies of the Colorado River Compact, exploring its formation, key provisions, and the challenges it poses for water management in the region. The presentation will conclude with how Colorado is addressing water supply and climate variability.

Speaker: Michael Eytel, Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services        Date & Time: Tues. August 20, 6:30-8 pm

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Sprinkler Systems 101, August 29

For gardener level: Beginner
Get the most out of your sprinkler system! Learn about sprinkler system basics, such as the components of a sprinkler system, general maintenance, and irrigation scheduling. Making small changes can make a big difference in your water use.

Speaker: Neka Sunlin & Lisa Anderson, Resource Central        Date & Time: Thurs. August 29, 6:30-8 pm

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Past Seminar Topics

Regenerative Agriculture Techniques, February 13

Garden Prep from a Permaculture Perspective, February 20

Intro to Xeriscape, February 21

Design & Plant Selection, February 28

Perennials, Shrubs, and More!, March 6

Knowing the Native Plants, March 13

Planting for Pollinators / Siembra para Polinizadores, March 19

Waterwise Yards: Turf Removal, March 21

Sprinkler Systems 101, March 26

Branch Out With Colorado Trees, April 9

Veggie Garden Care Through the Seasons, April 11

Sustainable Landscape Templates: Everything You Need to Know, April 16

Earth Day: Feed the Pollinators, Feed the Earth, April 18

Ask a Master Gardener: Spring Garden Prep, April 24

Right Plant, Right Place, Right Practice!, April 25

Waterwise Landscapes for Homeowners Associations, May 2

How to Build a Buzzworthy Pollinator Garden, May 8

Defensible Space: The First Five Feet, May 14

Four Seasons of Xeriscape, May 16

Waterwise Yards: Turf Removal, June 4

Insect Visitors in Your Garden: Friend or Foe?, June 25

Ask a Master Gardener: Summer Troubleshooting, July 16

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Community Reviews

4.5 stars rating

4.6 star rating overall

“I have become much more savvy in terms of landscape activities, planting, designing – with the hope that all this knowledge will help me reduce our usage!”

Seminar Participant, 2021

“This seminar got me so excited to start low-water landscaping this summer. I was feeling very overwhelmed before this, with not having any knowledge about gardening. Now, I feel like I have the basic tools to get started and try it out.”

Seminar Participant, 2023

“I was so ecstatic to be able to participate and learn from some experts. I always feel like I have a black thumb but this series is encouraging and motivating.”

Seminar Participant, 2021

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