Low-Water Gardening Made Easy

Garden In A Box offers professionally designed, waterwise garden kits tailor-made for Colorado yards. We make it easy to get that professional look by including plant-by-number maps, seasonal maintenance suggestions, and watering recommendations to help your low-water garden thrive year after year. 

Spring and Fall 2022 Update: All Gardens are sold out for the 2022 season.


How it Works

1. Measure your space and determine sun exposure.

2. Order your Garden In A Box.

3. Remove lawn, if needed. Our kits are designed to replace sections of lawn for the most water-saving impacts.

4. Pick up your Garden In A Box.

5. Plant and mulch your Garden In A Box.

6. After the first season, dial back the water and begin saving.

55% of residential water use on the Front Range is used outdoors, mostly on lawns!

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Community Reviews

4.8 star rating

4.8 star rating overall

“I believe this is absolutely the best way for a rookie gardener (or someone without a lot of time to spend on tending their garden) to install a garden. My first Garden in a Box is three years old now and I get many compliments on it.”

City of Longmont Participant, 2021

“Each year I am eliminating more grass and finding ways to reduce the water bill. Garden in a Box has been a boon to accomplishing my goals.”

City of Golden Participant, 2021

“This made replacing my grass sooo much easier. Having others ID attractive plants that work without watering, after the first year, has removed so many points in the decision process that might have stopped me. Great program!!!”

Fort Collins Utilities Participant, 2021

Got Questions?

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Email the Garden In A Box team or call 303-999-3820 x222.