Low-Water Gardening Made Easy

Whether it’s that dying section of yellowing lawn, those tricky areas of water-thirsty grass, or that endless patch of unsightly weeds – we all have that secret yard shame. You’ve decided that this is the year you’ll finally get your yard in shape – but how can you get the gorgeous, colorful garden you want without doubling your already costly summer water bill?

Professional designs, expert advice

This coming spring, keep that promise to yourself with Garden In A Box. With just a click, you can order a xeric (low-water) garden kit March through September that’s ready to pick up and plant in May, June, August or September of the same year. These professionally designed gardens are tailored to Colorado soil, and the simple plant-by-number maps take the guesswork out of buying and planting. With Garden In A Box you’ll be on the fast track to a water-wise garden in no time, and your blooms will be the envy of the neighborhood for years to come.

Keep money in your pocket (not on your lawn)

Best of all, Garden In A Box makes it super easy to save. Each garden kit can help conserve around 7,000 gallons of water compared to a traditional grass lawn over the garden’s lifetime! Plus, there’s the extra time you save now that you’re spending less time watering, mowing and weeding your lawn. Win. Win. Win.

Save more – apply your discount!

Starting at just $109, there’s a Garden In A Box to fit your budget. To sweeten the deal, some water providers offer a limited number of $25 discounts to their customers to encourage water conservation. To see if you qualify for a discount through your city, check back here in early 2020 to view the full list of participating cities. The garden kits are only available March through September and sell out quickly so purchase today and spend time enjoying your yard this summer.

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