Slow the Flow: Non-Residential Sprinkler Evaluations

Our Slow the Flow sprinkler evaluations are available at no cost for qualifying business and HOA properties in partnering water provider districts. These evaluations will give you a comprehensive view of your sprinkler system’s performance and offer actionable steps to improve its efficiency and reduce water waste. Start optimizing your water use!

These are not intended for single residences that are part of an HOA. Click here to request one for your own home.

What You Get

Over the course of the free sprinkler evaluation, our trained associates will be on-site to do a complete visual inspection of the system, identifying problem areas as well as performing several tests on the system to create an efficient watering schedule for the property. You will get a comprehensive report of the findings that can be shared with your board members or landscape professionals to take action on optimizing efficiency. For more details, check out our information packet.

Check System Health

We recommend irrigation best practices, identify system inefficiencies and provide suggestions on improving the system’s efficiency.

Reduce Water Waste

We perform tests on your system and provide a customized watering schedule that could save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Road Map to More Savings

Following your evaluation, you will receive a report showing all findings, actionable suggestions to increase efficiency, and a suggested road map to further your water savings.

Take Steps Towards Savings


1. Determine eligibility

Find out if your property qualifies for a free Slow the Flow evaluation based on your water provider.

Check Eligibility

2. Join our registration list

You will need the number of control clocks and total zones to register.

We encourage you to sign up for the 2024 season now, since we offer appointments on a first-come, first-served basis.

Register Here

3. Complete the waiver

We will send out a waiver to be signed prior to scheduling your appointment.

4. Schedule an appointment

We will call or email to review scheduling options with you once we have availability in your area and reach your property on our waitlist.

Check Eligibilty

Community Reviews

4.8 star rating

4.9 star rating overall

“Thank you for your efforts in helping us to be able to show our board what the professionals can help us with in our community’s effort to conserve our valuable resource, water. Water conservation doesn’t mean a deterioration in how our community looks nor does it mean a deterioration in our homes’ values.”


“The technicians were professional and patient, and they communicated well during their visit. The report was comprehensive and helpful for our landscape services provider.”


“We appreciated your assistance and your professional advice! We are looking forward to increasing our water savings moving forward, by eliminating additional turf grass and other improvements!”



Check out this Information Packet for HOAs and Businesses which explains what to expect and how to prepare for the appointment.

When can I get a sprinkler evaluation?

Our evaluations are conducted from late June until August or September, depending on the weather and regional availability. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, and the length of the evaluation depends on the number of clocks and zones your property has. Appointments in each city are limited, so register early for your best chance at receiving an evaluation.

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Why haven't I heard back about an appointment time yet?

Hang tight! We likely don’t have appointments available in your area just yet, or we haven’t reached your property on our waitlist. Once appointments in your area do become available, we will give you a call to schedule.

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What do I have to do to prepare for the appointment?

Make sure someone who has access to the control clocks and knows where they are located will be at the meeting area at the start of the appointment. Also ensure there is no construction, mowing, or other work happening that would impede the sprinkler system operation and testing during the duration of the evaluation.

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How long does the appointment take?

The length of the appointment will depend on the number of control clocks and irrigation zones your property has. Smaller properties may only take a couple of hours to complete whereas larger properties may take 2-3 days. We ask that a primary point of contact meet our associates at the beginning of the evaluation, and be available at least by phone in case any questions or concerns arise during the evaluation.

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Who are the associates performing the evaluations?

Our friendly team of trained associates is employed by Resource Central. They will have a Resource Central shirt and name tag and will announce themselves when they arrive at the property.

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What does the evaluation involve?

Our associates will record your current water schedules and perform a visual inspection of all zones, during which they will mark down any issues they find. They will then perform tests on several zones to help determine their efficiency.

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During this appointment can you help identify or fix leaks?

While our associates do look for obvious signs of a leak, our service is not for leak finding, and we cannot fix any leaks. We recommend finding a landscaper if you suspect you have a leak.

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When does my evaluation report arrive?

You will be emailed the report within two weeks from the last day of the evaluation.

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Can I get another copy of my report?

Request another copy of your sprinkler evaluation report by emailing or calling 303-999-3824 with the name of your business or HOA and the year the inspection was completed.

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Have questions?

Email our Slow the Flow team, or call 303-999-3824.