Deconstruction Resources

Resource Central does not perform deconstruction but we do offer deconstruction assessments. Learn more about our Deconstruction Assessments here.

Benefits of Deconstruction

  1. Save Money
    • Avoid landfill disposal fees by donating
    • Donate your materials for a tax-deductible receipt
  2. Conserve Natural Resources
    • Your salvage materials can be used in place of new, virgin materials.
  3. Invest in Your Community
    • Your deconstruction materials are more affordable for community members at our reuse facility (About 75% less than new materials)
    • Deconstruction creates jobs for the community. Your donations offer opportunities for those within the industry.

Deconstruction Contractors

Deconstruction is an excellent way to save both resources and money. The following companies have donated reclaimed materials to our reuse facility. Please note that we do not work directly with any of these companies. Be sure to do your research!


BuildWell Contractor Logo

BW Construction Logo

Chanin Development Logo

Flatiron Landscape Design Logo

PaceDevelopment Construction LogoPERKS Deconstruction LTD. logo



SoBo Homes Contractor Logo