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Deconstruction vs Demolition

The primary difference between deconstruction and demolition is that deconstruction aims to divert materials from the landfill. Choose deconstruction and help us shift the industry standard! By deconstructing buildings rather than demolishing, we are able to divert hundreds of thousands of lbs. of material from the landfill.

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The process of breaking down a structure


is the process of dismantling a structure in a way that maximizes reuse and recycling of on-site materials.

Why Choose Deconstruction?

  • Divert massive amounts of material from heading to the landfill via reuse and recycling.
  • When choosing to reuse and recycle we can spend less energy and precious resources producing new material.
  • You can help to support a rapidly growing industry that is creating a huge amount of job opportunities.
  • Save money on your taxes- donate reusable material to charitable organizations and receive a tax deduction.
  • Comply with your city/county ordinances. Check out the City of Boulder’s Sustainable Deconstruction Requirements.

Other municipalities around Colorado are looking to follow suit. Learn about and start practicing deconstruction now- it isn’t going away any time soon!

Deconstruction Assessment

Wanting help with the first steps of your demolition project?

Our Deconstruction Assessment includes a reuse/recycling assessment, free pickup service, and the creation of the Sustainable Deconstruction Plan. Schedule a deconstruction assessment with our zero-waste team using the email below! Our Zero Waste Team can create this plan for $300.

To schedule a deconstruction assessment or inquire about deconstruction –  contact Zero Waste Manager at

Donation Pickup Service 

Donate your old cabinets, countertops, appliances, or other large items to Resource Central! Our team will come and pick them up for free. Use the button below to schedule a donation pick-up.


Schedule a Free Donation Pickup

Reuse/Recycling Assessment 

Schedule a free site walkthrough to identify reusable materials that can be donated to Resource Central as tax deductible charitable donations (using the email below). We can also help identify recyclable materials and reference appropriate recycling facilities nearby.

To schedule a reuse/recycling assessment or inquire about deconstruction – contact Zero Waste Manager at

The City of Boulder Sustainable Deconstruction Requirements

The City of Boulder requires a 75% by weight diversion rate for all significant deconstruction projects. Visit the City of Boulder’s website to read more about the policy.