Our Team

Putting Conservation into Action – Together.

We believe that in order for us to take care of the environment, we must also take care of ourselves and support each other. Get to know the conservation heroes working at Resource Central!

Ali Colbert(she/her) Senior Water Programs Coordinator

Ali Colbert, (she/her) Senior Water Programs Coordinator

303.999.3820 x222 • acolbert@resourcecentral.org

Ali is originally from the East Coast and received a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Geography from the University of Vermont. In 2016 she picked up and moved to Fort Collins where she was excited to explore a new environment and pursue an interest in community driven conservation. In the process of figuring out her professional interests she held a marketing and outreach position with a local nonprofit focused on increasing EV ownership along the Front Range, an environmental education position with AmeriCorps in Weld County, and joined the City of Fort Collins horticulture department. These (and others!) led her to join Resource Central in 2019 on the Garden In A Box program. She is thrilled to be part of Resource Central’s team and the commitment to driving environmental change on an individual and community-wide level, and for the opportunity to explore her love of gardening! In addition to cultivating her own waterwise garden, Ali loves exploring new camping spots across the state, biking, and spending time along the Poudre River.

Ava Gudzunas(she/they) Materials Reuse Sales Associate

Ava Gudzunas, (she/they) Materials Reuse Sales Associate

303-419-5418 • agudzunas@resourcecentral.org



Baldr joined Resource Central in February of 2023. He loves gardening and really enjoys showing off his own garden in a box layout ideas. He is also an avid supporter of creating habitat for local wildlife by donating pounds of floof every year for bird and squirrel nests.

Ben Chew(he/him) Customer Support Specialist

Ben Chew, (he/him) Customer Support Specialist

303-999-3820 x222 • bchew@resourcecentral.org

Ben is originally from Denver and received a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography from the University of Colorado Boulder. As a recent grad, Ben is excited to bring his customer service experience and passion for conservation to Resource Central. He is particularly inspired by Resource Central’s focus on community-based conservation, and is eager to get to work with like-minded people in his community. He loves being able to see evidence of his work in gardens and yards across the Front Range. When he isn’t working, you can find Ben reading, watching soccer, or enjoying Boulder’s open spaces.

Brennan McGinn(he/him) Zero Waste Associate

Brennan McGinn, (he/him) Zero Waste Associate

303-419-5418 • bmcginn@resourcecentral.org

Brian Cofran(he/him) Assistant Manager

Brian Cofran, (he/him) Assistant Manager

303-419-5418 • bcofran@resourcecentral.org

Brody Guisness(he/him) Material Reuse Sales Associate

Brody Guisness, (he/him) Material Reuse Sales Associate

303-419-5418 • bguisness@resourcecentral.org

Cameron Bernardo(he/him) Material Reuse Specialist

Cameron Bernardo, (he/him) Material Reuse Specialist

303-419-5418 • cbernardo@resourcecentral.org

Chaden Martinez(he/him) Materials Reuse Specialist

Chaden Martinez, (he/him) Materials Reuse Specialist

303-419-5418 • cmartinez@resourcecentral.org

Conor Dougherty(he/him) Zero Waste Manager

Conor Dougherty, (he/him) Zero Waste Manager

303-999-3820 x 101 • cdougherty@resourcecentral.org

Conor joined Resource Central in August of 2021 as our Zero Waste Coordinator. Before joining Resource, he worked in the ski industry, the craft beer industry, and with a Boulder local start up on a regenerative agriculture and community building project called Boundless Landscapes. Conor holds a masters degree from Naropa University in Resilient Leadership. His academic work focused on sustainable systems development, non-violent communication, and environmental leadership. He is passionate about developing sustainable and resilient systems that allow communities to thrive in union with our natural world. In the winter you may find him shredding snowboards in Steamboat or riding backcountry on Berthoud pass. In the summer; dancing at bluegrass concerts and swimming in high alpine lakes. As Resource Central’s Zero Waste Coordinator, it is Conor’s goal to divert as much waste as possible and help situate Boulder as one of the nation’s leaders in zero waste efforts.

Courtney Smith(she/her) Employee Success Manager

Courtney Smith, (she/her) Employee Success Manager

303.999.3820 x216 • csmith@resourcecentral.org

Courtney’s roots stem from Bourbonnais, Illinois, a small town an hour south of Chicago. She graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2013 with her Bachelor’s in Environmental Communications and minors in Environmental systems, Animal Sciences and Food Sciences. Her ecological journey led to Costa Rica, where she worked in habitat conservation and helped raise numerous species of butterflies.  Upon her return, the voyage through F&B management ultimately reconvened with her environmental roots, leading her to the Resource Central team.  In her free time, you can find her camping in the beautiful mountains, enjoying live music, or spending time with her family.

Deborah Cusa(she/her) Finance Administration Coordinator

Deborah Cusa, (she/her) Finance Administration Coordinator

303-999-3820 x 246 • dcusa@resourcecentral.org

Deb is originally from NY but has called Colorado home for the last 20 years. Deb attended the
University of Maryland at College Park where she received her BA in Journalism. After starting
her career in magazine publishing in NYC Deb found herself working in a wide variety of large
and small companies always seeking to apply her skill set and learn something new. Deb found
her groove in start-ups and small organizations wearing multiple hats and building a strong
office and operations background. Most recently Deb came from a non-profit organization in
Lafayette, CO (which she calls home) where she learned non-profit accounting. Deb is
passionate about conservation and sustainability, doing her part wherever she can to help
create a viable future. Deb has a 10-year-old daughter that she loves watching learn and grow
into an awesome human. When not at work you will find Deb at a farmer’s market, in the
garden, listening to live music, or doing yoga.

Elisabeth Bowman(she/her) Conservation Engagement Manager

Elisabeth Bowman, (she/her) Conservation Engagement Manager

303.999.3820 x210 • ebowman@resourcecentral.org

Elisabeth happily joined Resource Central in September 2020. After 15 years of freelance writing and editing, she embarked on a short, but exciting time working for the City of Boulder. There, she discovered her passion for contributing to her community and customer service. She has a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and German from the University of Denver and a master’s from UMass Amherst. Elisabeth’s dedication to conservation is rooted in her Colorado childhood spent camping, hiking , x-country skiing, and exploring —activities she continues to pursue with her husband and dog.

Emily Drost(she/her) Program Manager: Renew Our Schools

Emily Drost, (she/her) Program Manager: Renew Our Schools

303-999-3820 x226 • edrost@resourcecentral.org

Emily joined Resource Central in May 2022. An award winning marketer, Emily has extensive experience in brand expansion and business operations.  Through her work with the Renew Our Schools program, she is excited to bring Energy Conservation to life for kids in the classroom. Emily holds a Master Gardener certificate from the Colorado State Extension, and enjoys spending her free time outdoors. Currently she is working on converting her entire yard to Xeric and practices energy conservation planting (i.e. how plants can help a home conserve energy).

Emma Williams(she/they) Material Reuse Specialist

Emma Williams, (she/they) Material Reuse Specialist

303-419-5418 • ewilliams@resourcecentral.org



Freddie loves Resource Central – our Lawn Replacement program in particular. Freddie has an incredible devotion to tearing up these thirsty lawns in Colorado. At just a year old, he’s already contributed to a sizable square footage of lawn removed! Thanks for your dedication, Freddie!

Garrett Brown(he/him) Conservation Engagement Coordinator

Garrett Brown, (he/him) Conservation Engagement Coordinator

303-999-3820 x 218 • gbrown@resourcecentral.org

Garrett originally hails from Central Florida and received his Bachelor’s in Environmental Science & Policy from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL.
Ready for a change in lifestyle and scenery, Garrett moved to Denver in January 2022 where he initially served with AmeriCorps as an environmental educator focused on increasing environmental literacy and appreciation of the natural world through hands- on learning. Since then, he has picked up wide-ranging experience through positions in urban forestry, geotechnical science, and conservation field work before joining Resource Central in early 2024. When he's not at work, you can find Garrett hiking, skiing, reading, and enjoying his board game and music collections.



Meet Gus – an adventure-loving lab mix. If you’re looking for someone to guard your water-wise garden from squirrels or other intruders, Gus is your guy! He’s super passionate about conserving water so that he never runs out of places to swim. Gus is also a reuse champion, never letting an old tennis ball go to waste.

Hayden Bernot(he/him) Water Programs Manager

Hayden Bernot, (he/him) Water Programs Manager

303-999-3820 X 224 • hbernot@resourcecentral.org

Hayden is a sixth generation Colorado native. He comes to us with a degree in Natural Resource Management from Colorado State University and has many years of real-world experience in the green industry, leading teams and coordinating resources. He specialized in watershed science and sustainability and is eager to help Colorado and the fight against water scarcity. Along with his passion for Colorado’s natural resources, Hayden is an avid angler and enjoys getting out on the water as much as possible. In his free time you can catch him enjoying the outdoors, and exploring the great wonders our state has to offer.

Hunter deKieffer(he/him) Materials Reuse Sales Associate

Hunter deKieffer, (he/him) Materials Reuse Sales Associate

303-419-5418 • hdekieffer@resourcecentral.org



Hi, my name is Iggy and I’m 15 months old! I help my Mama by waking her up at 5am and showing her where the sprinklers are watering the sidewalk. She tells maintenance to get those geysers fixed. I loooovvvveeee the watah so I try to help conserve it!

James Hoover(he/him) Materials Reuse Sales Associate

James Hoover, (he/him) Materials Reuse Sales Associate

303-419-5418 • jhoover@resourcecentral.org

Joe Pitts(he/him) Program Director: Materials Reuse

Joe Pitts, (he/him) Program Director: Materials Reuse

303-419-5418 • jpitts@resourcecentral.org

Joe joined in March 2023 to help scale our Reuse programs and double the amount of waste diverted through Reuse over the next five years. Joe is an experienced team leader and has a passion for customer service, sustainability, and streamlining operations. Originally from Georgia, Joe has southern roots and spent several years living in and exploring the Pacific Northwest before settling in Colorado. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, and introducing his kids to the joys of outdoor adventure.

Kate Larson(she/her) Program Director, Water & Energy Programs

Kate Larson, (she/her) Program Director, Water & Energy Programs

303.999.3820 x214 • klarson@resourcecentral.org

Kate joined Resource Central in June of 2009. Kate has a Marketing Degree from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. Kate has a strong customer service and nonprofit management background. Through her experience she has gained an understanding of how education can empower a community to make sustainable choices. Kate’s passion for water conservation issues has led her to become a Colorado Master Gardener Certificate holder and develop expertise in irrigation auditing. In her spare time she enjoys running, biking, being outside, and spending time with her family.

Katie Butler(she/her) Research Fellow

Katie Butler, (she/her) Research Fellow


Katie was born and raised in Colorado and received her B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing from Colorado State University. She moved to San Diego, CA  and while there received an M.A. in Geography at San Diego State University. Through her grad research she strengthened her passion for conservation and responsible natural resource management. Now she is thrilled to put that passion and her skills to use working at Resource Central. In her free time she enjoys gardening, myriad activities in the CO outdoors, playing board games, and cosplaying.

Kaylee Riggi(she/her)Water Program Coordinator

Kaylee Riggi, (she/her)Water Program Coordinator

303-999-3820 X 221 • kriggi@resourcecentral.org

Krista Krisl(she/her) Program Coordinator: Renew Our Schools

Krista Krisl, (she/her) Program Coordinator: Renew Our Schools

303-999-3820 • kkrisl@resourcecentral.org

Krista is a proud Castle Rock resident with a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Calgary, and a master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Colorado, Denver.  She taught in the Douglas and Littleton Public School Districts for 13 years before starting this adventure.  Over the past year, Krista has become a licensed financial coach, certified User Experience professional, and a social media marketing guru. She is overjoyed and grateful for the opportunity to work for the Renew Our Schools program which will allow her to put her many certifications to use!  In her free time, Krista loves to spend time with her husband, 2 elementary aged boys, and giant drooly dog.

Kuma Larson

Kuma Larson

Kuma joined the Resource Central team in 2014 as a 9-week-old puppy. His primary duties include eating his coworker’s lunches, barking at delivery people, and sleeping through meetings. Kuma is passionate about Colorado water and is often found swimming in mountain lakes, rivers, and muddy ponds. He brings the team his exuberance, dedication to the mission, and lots and lots of hair.

Leslie Butler(they/them) Senior Materials Reuse Specialist

Leslie Butler, (they/them) Senior Materials Reuse Specialist

303-419-5418 • lbutler@resourcecentral.org

Lisa Anderson(she/her) Water Program Coordinator

Lisa Anderson, (she/her) Water Program Coordinator

303-999-3820 x 103 • landerson@resourcecentral.org

Lisa grew up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and in 2021, decided to move back to her home state after spending 10 years in Virginia. She originally had a career in healthcare working as a Registered Dietitian primarily in hospitals. During Covid, she decided to go back to school to obtain an environmental science degree and pursue her passion of conservation. She started with Resource Central as a field associate in the summer of 2022 and is excited to now grow into her role as a program coordinator. In her free time, you can find Lisa hiking, gardening, reading, knitting, ballet dancing, or relaxing at home with her husband and 2 dogs.

Liz Marchitto(she/her) Development Director

Liz Marchitto, (she/her) Development Director

303.999.3820 x215 • emarchitto@resourcecentral.org

Liz joined Resource Central in 2016 as Development Director and works with supporters to help them implement their philanthropic vision while accelerating our conservation impact. After graduating from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin, Liz taught English in Japan and then returned to the States where she has worked since 2000 to raise funds for environmental organizations. Liz is a proud Cheesehead, a runner, and a lover of nature. She is passionate about Resource Central’s mission because we all have a responsibility to live more sustainable lives and Resource Central helps to make that easy.



Mack, also known as Macaroni, is a 3 year old rescue pup who is an avid adventurer. When he isn’t investigating new smells and exploring new trails, Mack can be found enjoying the pristine environment of his family’s garden. Mack is also passionate about the reuse program, ensuring no old toys are left behind.

Mandy Marcus(she/they) Material Reuse Sales Associate

Mandy Marcus, (she/they) Material Reuse Sales Associate

303-419-5418 • mmarcus@resourcecentral.org

Mathew Parker(he/him) Materials Reuse Specialist

Mathew Parker, (he/him) Materials Reuse Specialist

303-419-5418 • mparker@resourcecentral.org

Melanie Stolp(she/her) Senior Water Programs Manager

Melanie Stolp, (she/her) Senior Water Programs Manager

303.999.3820 x225 • mstolp@resourcecentral.org

Melanie is originally from North Carolina and has a Bachelors in Environmental Studies & Sociology/Anthropology from Denison University. After graduating she spent about 5 years working in non-profit organizations specializing in program management. Most recently Melanie completed a Master’s of Science degree in Conservation Leadership from Colorado State University and conducted her research in rural Guatemala focusing on indigenous ecosystem management. She enjoys exploring the West through climbing, hiking and camping and jumps on any opportunity to see live music. She is thrilled to be part of the Resource Central team and continue her work in community-based conservation!

Menno Stein(he/him) Training Coordinator

Menno Stein, (he/him) Training Coordinator

303-419-5418 • mstein@resourcecentral.org

Neal Lurie(he/him) President & CEO

Neal Lurie, (he/him) President & CEO

303.999.3820 x202 • nlurie@resourcecentral.org

Neal Lurie is the President and CEO of Resource Central, an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to helping people save water, conserve energy, and reduce waste. He brings three decades of leadership experience helping to tackle climate change and water scarcity, and is recipient of the Business Leader of the Year award from the Boulder Chamber. Previously, he played a lead role in growing Colorado into one of the top solar states in the nation. As an avid bicyclist he developed the vision and generated the support to successfully build the US 36 Bikeway, the popular bicycle commuter highway that serves as the backbone of the region’s trail network. Neal received his MBA from CU’s Leeds School of Business and enjoys hiking, biking, and playing guitar.

Neka Sunlin(she/her) Water Program Manager

Neka Sunlin, (she/her) Water Program Manager

303.999.3820 X212 • nsunlin@resourcecentral.org

Neka joined Resource Central in 2016, bringing her professionalism and expertise to the Slow the Flow program from several different, unique fields. After receiving her BS in Marine Sciences from Texas A&M University, she worked as a biologist at a large aquarium, caring for many species of marine animals including fish, penguins and seals.  Her technical background includes work at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory where she trained astronauts to assemble the International Space Station. In addition to her passion for wildlife and the environment, she is a self-proclaimed Dallas Cowboys fan. And while Texas is her home state, Neka has enthusiastically embraced Colorado, for it’s breathtaking scenery and culture that encourages an active lifestyle.  In her spare time, she enjoys biking, snowshoeing, and hiking with her dog.

Nick Law(he,him) Zero Waste Coordinator

Nick Law, (he,him) Zero Waste Coordinator

303-999-3820 x 102 • nlaw@resourcecentral.org

Phebe Taylor(she/her) Water Program Manager

Phebe Taylor, (she/her) Water Program Manager

303.999.3820 x236 • ptaylor@resourcecentral.org

Phebe is an east coast transplant with a Bachelors in Psychology and Art from Bucknell University. She then went on to pursue her massage therapist certification from Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Phebe most recently worked on local organic farms but also brings operations and project management experience from her 5+ years working for a local insurance company. You can find Phebe hiking, climbing, practicing martial arts, learning about plants and sewing. She is excited to work at Resource Central to collaborate with other passionate do-ers, partner with the local community and steward our valuable resources.

Rachel Staats(she/her) Marketing Director

Rachel Staats, (she/her) Marketing Director

303-999-3820 x 108 • rstaats@resourcecentral.org

Rachel joined in March 2024 to take Resource Central’s impact to the next level through strategic marketing, media, and branding initiatives. Her expertise in nonprofit marketing helps Resource Central inspire conservation throughout Colorado and beyond. Since removing her thirsty lawn in 2022, Rachel has been planting Garden In A Box kits and advocating for water conservation. In her free time, Rachel enjoys gardening, exploring craft breweries and playing board games with her family.



Ruby is an eco-conscious chiweenie who enjoys hiking, making friends, and soaking up the Colorado sun.  She participates in DIY lawn removal by chewing and digging up grass, while also supporting natural pest management solutions though hunting grasshoppers and chasing rabbits out of the yard.

Sarah Smith(she/her) Marketing Coordinator

Sarah Smith, (she/her) Marketing Coordinator

303-999-3820 • ssmith@resourcecentral.org

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Sarah graduated from the University of Portland in 2014 with a degree in Environmental Ethics & Policy and a minor in English. She also holds a graduate degree in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. She has recently moved to Boulder from Wichita, KS where she has lived for the past 6 years working for a large nonprofit.

Sarah is passionate about environmental sustainability, running, biking, writing, and cats.

Shea DouglasCustomer Service Supervisor, Materials Reuse

Shea Douglas, Customer Service Supervisor, Materials Reuse

303-999-3820 x 104 • sdouglas@resourcecentral.org

Tara B. Wenger(she/her) Business Manager

Tara B. Wenger, (she/her) Business Manager

303.999.3820 x219 • twenger@resourcecentral.org

After graduating with her B.S. in Theatre Arts and a minor in Art from the University of Oregon, Tara went on to utilize her management skills at the John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts in Eugene, Oregon as the Venue Coordinator for their concert hall and music school facility. She then moved to Seattle and managed the office at Artech Fine Art Services. Tara is a Colorado native, and missed her family, so in 2011 moved back to her home state where she went from a project manager for a graphic design boutique in the RiNo District, to business managing for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  She loves camping and cars that scare rocks, is passionate about conserving our natural resources and loves dogs and music! It is an honor for her to be a part of, and support, such a dynamic and creative team here at Resource Central.

Taylor Nicholson(she/her) Water Program Coordinator

Taylor Nicholson, (she/her) Water Program Coordinator

303-999-3820 x 222 • tnicholson@resourcecentral.org

Originally from Indiana, Taylor graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2020 with a B.S in Zoology. Following graduation, Taylor worked doing wetland restoration until moving to Colorado in 2021. She then worked as a park ranger and environmental educator for the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks where she wore many hats as she coordinated community events, led school programming, performed search and rescue, helped fight local wildfires, and more. Taylor joined the Resource Central team in 2024, where she is excited to continue promoting conservation work in our local community and along the front range. In her free time, Taylor loves jumping rope with her fiance and exploring new trails with her pup Mack.

Tori Petersen(she/her), Senior Water Programs Manager

Tori Petersen, (she/her), Senior Water Programs Manager

303-999-3820 x213 • tpetersen@resourcecentral.org

Tracy AyresWater Program Manager

Tracy Ayres, Water Program Manager

303-999-3820 • tayres@resourcecentral.org

Originally from Northern California, Tracy got a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara and a master’s in Biology from Colorado State University. In the past she has performed ecological research in Antarctica, worked in sustainability consulting, and done nonprofit work helping schools reduce waste, and she is excited to be diving further into water conservation. Some of her favorite things outside of work include hiking and snowboarding with her family, music, art, and soccer.

Victoria Wunsch(she/her) Development Manager

Victoria Wunsch, (she/her) Development Manager

303-999-3820 x 106 • vwunsch@resourcecentral.org