Material Donations and Pickup Services

We accept reclaimed materials from remodeling and renovation projects. Our materials reuse facility has a quick and easy donation process. You can stay in your car the entire time. When driving up to our donation shed, an attendant will assist in unloading your materials. Your donations fuel our retail operations, provide new opportunities for sustainable reuse, and are tax-deductible—a win all around!

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Commonly Accepted Donations:

Expand any of the listings below to learn more about what makes a great donation to Resource Central and an important contribution to a more sustainable community. We recommend sending a photo of your item to prior to donating.

Please note, we do not accept the following items for donation: shutters, MDF boards, slab hollow core doors, paint, or lumber with hardware or fasteners attached. 

Solar Panels

Solar Panels: Ideally, under seven years of use and up to 3 feet by 5 feet in size.

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Cabinets and Shelving

Kitchen Cabinets: All cabinet doors and drawers must be attached and intact, possess no water damage, mold or missing parts (i.e. back or side panels).

Workbenches and Cabinets: see above for appropriate condition requirements.

Metal Cabinets and Lockers: We accept all metal lockers and cabinets as long as they are fully operational and do not contain an abundance of rust.

Shelving and Racking Systems: We accept most shelving and racking systems.

Solid Wood Shelving: We accept most solid wood shelving but spatial constraints may affect our ability to accept your donation.

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Doors, Windows, and Hardware

Doors: We accept any door in good condition, except we do not accept flat panel or slab hollow-core doors. We will not accept doors with water damage, delamination, cracks, or holes (other than those for locks and handles). Due to limited space, please reach out to concerning commercial doors.

Sliding Glass Doors: Must be in their frames, double-paned, and in fully operational condition. Wood sliding doors cannot have any rot or water damage.

Doors in Jambs and Door Jamb Material: We will accept doors in jambs as long as they are de-nailed and the jam is attached to the door.

Hinges: All cabinet and door hinges are accepted. We prefer if the hinges are assembled (both sides with the pins inserted).

Door Knobs: All door knobs are accepted. We prefer if the knobs are together with all their pieces.

Windows: Windows must be double-paned with unbroken seals within the panes and no broken glass. Vintage/antique single-pane window sashes are accepted, as well as their counterweights. We do not accept the frames from single-paned windows. They must be vinyl or metal clad to be accepted unless they are single or vintage. Since our window acceptance policy can be a bit tricky we suggest you bring in an example or share a photo of what you plan to donate. Please send us an email to 

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Lumber, Trim, and Metal

Trim: We accept trim pieces that are in five-foot sections or longer and have been de-nailed. Trim that has been painted or stained must be in very good condition to be accepted.

Lumber and Wood: We accept all dimensional lumber five-feet or longer. Larger timbers (i.e., 8”x8”, 4”x12”, etc.) will be accepted in sections of five feet or longer.

De-nailed Lumber: We strongly prefer that all lumber is donated without nails. We have a very limited amount of space for nailed lumber, so if you bring in lumber containing nails it is likely that we cannot accept your material due to our limited space.

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Sheet Goods

Plywood: Half sheets or larger.

Sheetrock: 1/4″ or larger.

Paneling: Half sheets or larger.

Wonderboard: Quarter sheets or larger.

Sheet Glass and Mirror: Various sizes accepted but may be denied due to spatial constraints. Please, no glass and/or mirrors with cracks, chips, glue, or larger than 3′ x 4′.

Metal: We accept almost all metal stock and sheet metal.

Siding: We accept only brand new vinyl or Hardie board siding, wood siding that is de-nailed and in good condition, and painted siding in exceptional condition.

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Roofing Materials

We accept all reusable corrugated metal and vinyl roofing, asphalt and wood shingles, and tar paper in good condition. Asphalt shingles must be in new condition. We accept roofing tiles on a case-by-case basis due to space restrictions.


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Bathroom and Plumbing

Sinks: We accept most styles of sinks, but metal sinks must be without rust and porcelain sinks must be without cracks or chips, please. If we are unable accept you donation, please visit Eco-cycle for recycling.

Tubs: We accept all clawfoot and most cast iron and metal tubs. We do not accept tubs with chips or cracks. Jet or fiberglass tubs, even if they are of good quality and condition, may not be accepted due to space constraints.

Grout, Caulk, Concrete, Thinset, etc: We accept new and partially used bags of these materials. If a bag is opened, it must be in original packaging and at least 3/4 full. We do not accept caulk tubes that are opened.

Toilets: We only accept low-flow toilets that are noted as 1.28 gallons per flush or less. Most are labeled under the tank lid. All toilets must be clean and not have any cracks or pieces missing.

Miscellaneous Plumbing: We accept most plumbing parts and pieces. We ask that they be donated in an organized manner in containers that are a part of your donation.

PVC and Metal Piping: Sections must be five feet or longer. We will not accept pieces that are connected at angles forming an “L” shape or similar.

*We are not currently accepting shower doors.

We CANNOT accept any fixtures or pipes that contain lead.

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Tools and Hardware

Tools: We accept most tools that are fully operational.

Hardware (Nails, Screws, Bolts, etc): We will accept all hardware that is new and in the box. Used hardware must not be rusted, and must be in containers that can be donated with the hardware.

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Appliances and Lighting

Appliances: We accept appliances that are in good condition or of an antique nature.

We CANNOT take any appliances containing CFCs (they must be disposed of properly at a licensed disposal facility).

Lighting Fixtures: We accept various light fixtures that are in good and fully functioning condition. We do NOT accept “brass-on-glass” type fixtures as well as fluorescent light fixtures made for drop ceilings. Additionally, no fluorescent light bulbs can be accepted with the lights.

Ceiling Fans: We accept ceiling fans in good condition. Please note that all mounting hardware must accompany the fan, and the blades should be removed and packaged with the fan.

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Wood and Gas Fireplaces and Stoves

Wood-Burning Fireplaces and Stoves: Due to wood-burning restrictions, we are allowed to accept only EPA Phase II or Colorado Phase III certified wood-burning fireplaces or stoves that meet current quality standards.

Gas Fireplaces: Are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please send along details concerning its condition and photos to our email –

Stove Pipe: We accept all types of stove pipe that are in a reusable condition. We will NOT accept those with major dents or any denting around the ends where they would connect to other pieces.

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We will accept non-upholstered furniture that is solid wood or of an antique nature. Furniture cannot include any cloth, fabric, textile, or absorbent material. We cannot accept furniture that is of the particle-board “assemble yourself” style, unless it is in exceptionally good condition and already constructed. Since our furniture acceptance policy can be a bit tricky we suggest you bring in an example or share a photo of what you plan to donate via email,–

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Landscape Materials

Landscape Materials: We will accept all bricks, pavers, cinder blocks, moss rock, and flagstone as long as it is in a reusable condition, and without heavy mortar or concrete stuck to it.

Fencing: We accept chain link, welded wire, construction fencing, chicken wire, and most other types that are five feet or longer and rolled neatly together. Wood fence sections must be in good condition with no missing pieces and in four-foot sections or longer. Pieces of fencing (split rails, posts, pickets, etc.) are all accepted if they are de-nailed and in reusable condition. If a section of fence is broken, you can take it apart, and we will accept the separate pickets and rails if they are reusable and de-nailed.

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Miscellaneous Materials

Stairs: Most stair sets are acceptable if they are in reusable condition. Pieces of staircases (balusters, treads, stringers, etc.) are also accepted.

Solar Panels: We accept all solar panels that are in working condition.

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Scrap Metal and Non-ferrous Metal

Scrap (ferrous) Metal: We accept ferrous scrap metal (containing iron) such as mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron as space allows.

Non-Ferrous Metal: We accept non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, tin, lead, nickel and zinc.

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Construction Donations

We love our construction donations and architectural salvage! Some of the highest quality and most reusable materials come from our partners in the construction industry. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Qualifying Donations

If you’re unsure if your donations will be accepted for pickup, send us an email with your pickup address, photo, description, and measurement of your donation to or use this form.

Donation Guidelines

We are big fans of architectural salvage. Our goal is to accept materials that can be resold for a useful second life elsewhere, so that is the standard by which we determine eligibility. If the materials are in good condition and are able to be reused by another, bring them on over! Each donation will be given a donation receipt for tax purposes. It is the responsibility of the donor to assess value and maintain this record.

We sometimes may need to refuse an item on this list due to its condition, lack of space in the yard, or other reasons. If you are donating small items, please pack them in containers that can be donated with the items. Our staff does not repair, recycle, or dispose of trash for customers.

If you see something in the yard we normally do not accept, it is most likely from a whole house deconstruction where we agreed to take everything. If you think your item may be an exception to our normal guidelines, you are welcome to bring it in, or bring in a photo and ask our staff whether we can accept it. We may not be able to accept your material if your photo does not represent the true nature of your donation.

  • If we cannot accept your materials, one of these locations may help you dispose of your material responsibly.
  • If you know of an option we’ve missed, please let us know so we can add it to this list!

Additional Building Material Donation Services

In addition to accepting building material donations, we also provide: