Ready to enroll but not sure what comes next? Let’s take a look at what it takes to get ready for competition, and how you’ll run a competition once it starts.


The enrollment process is easy. Head over to the Join a Competition section of our website and scroll to find the competition that will work for you and your students. Click Enroll Now and provide some basic school and teacher contact information. You’ll be prompted to pay your competition fee – or invite someone else to pay – and then you’re set! We will reach out to you if we need any additional information. Watch your email for communications from our team as you get closer to competition.

How do I know if I need an eGauge?

The only competitions that require an eGauge or other real-time energy monitor are our higher level Star and Super Nova competitions. If you’re unsure if your school has a real-time energy monitor, you can ask your admin team, a facility representative or reach out to us. Most schools that have participated in Renew Our Schools in the past will have an eGauge installed already, and we likely have the details that we can share with you.

Spark Competitors

After you’ve enrolled, you don’t need to do anything else except prepare to dominate the field of competitors. We suggest reviewing the Spark Teacher Guide found in Resources in the portal, and look over the School Energy Actions. Start getting your students pumped up for the competition by game planning which School Energy Actions your team will complete. Good Luck!

Star Competitors

You’ll have a little bit more work to do to prepare your team for victory – and a lot of what you’ll do next depends on your eGauge.

eGauge already installed

If you already have an eGauge installed, add your eGauge link to your Renew Our Schools profile under My Account. Our team will send you an email with some quick questions to answer so we can verify if anything has happened that might impact your eGauge’s data since the last time it was used. Ultimately, we want to ensure it’s reading your entire facilities energy consumption.

Our energy engineer will compare your eGauge data to what you provide in the questionnaire, and the rest of your school profile under My Account. If we verify your eGauge is measuring what it should, there is no further action needed and you’re ready for competition. If it isn’t, we will help you troubleshoot to get your eGauge ready for the start of competition.

Need an eGauge installed

If you choose to work with us to get your eGauge installed, we will provide the physical eGauge device and required equipment for installation as well as support with selecting an electrician. Our energy engineer will verify that your eGauge was installed properly and complete an assessment of your energy system that will be available at your request.

To successfully install an eGauge, we require details about your schools physical building, any alternative energy sources (like solar), and what the IT configurations of your facility are. We recognize that most teachers won’t have all these details, so we’ve provided online forms that you can forward to the appropriate parties to complete.

We will keep you updated every step of the way so you’re prepared for competition.

While we’re verifying or installing your eGauge, we encourage you to log into the Renew Our Schools portal and begin familiarizing yourself with the available resources. Download the Teacher Guide to start planning how you’ll approach competition. Introduce your students to the School Energy Actions and set the strategy that will surely lead your team to victory! Remember, as Star competitors, there are cash prizes on the line!

Need to order an eGauge?

Let Resource Central manage your eGauge installation, and get a free assessment from our energy engineer as a bonus!