Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? After your eGauge is installed, Renew Our Schools will baseline your energy usage in preparation for the competition. Then, for five weeks, you’ll compete against a handful of other schools trying to earn as many points as you can.

How Will My School Earn Points?

There are two ways to earn points, school measured savings and school energy actions. Both of which will bring STEM to life in your school!

School Measured Savings

You’ll see your energy use in real-time on your eGauge and change behaviors in your school to reduce consumption. Turning off lights, removing unnecessary appliances, setting computers to power save mode, changing building programming schedules–whatever has the biggest impact on your energy usage. Before the competition begins, Renew Our Schools will calculate how much electricity your building typically uses (that’s your baseline) and compare it to how much you use during competition. Then you’ll earn points based on your percentage decrease in energy use.

School Energy Actions

There are endless ways to earn School Energy Actions points in Renew Our Schools! We provide more than 20 ideas and we encourage your students to come up with their own.

A couple of the many options include:

Energy Savings Weekend
Determine your school’s average daily energy use when the building is unoccupied and see if you can reduce your unoccupied building load by 10%. Earn 15 points and may be done multiple times!

Local Energy Expert
Invite a local energy or sustainability expert or organization to speak to your school. Write up a bio of your speaker, take pictures of the event, and summarize the event. Earn 30 points!

And There Are Prizes?

Yes, there are prizes. But let’s first be honest that everyone is a winner in this competition. The ultimate prize is having a planet that we can proudly leave to subsequent generations. However, something a little more tangible for the students and for the highest scoring team helps too. Many of our competitions have a prize pool of up to $5000, which is divided amongst all the teams based on their final scores. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Colorado Energy Office, our CEO competitions for select schools in Colorado have an even bigger prize pool. Just imagine the number of LED bulbs you could buy!

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