Slow the Flow: Residential Sprinkler Evaluations

Residential appointments are typically scheduled from June through September with appointment availability varying by location. We schedule appointments Monday through Friday 8am-4pm, and appointments generally last 1-1.5 hours. All evaluations take place on-site at your property. You must have an in-ground sprinkler system that is turned on and in good working order at the time of the appointment.

How To Register


1. Determine eligibility

Find out if you qualify for a free Slow the Flow evaluation based on your water provider.

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2. Join our registration list

You will need your water account number listed on your water bill to register. Register online or call 303.999.3824. Please note we have concluded our 2023 season, but we are accepting registrations for 2024.

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3. Schedule appointment

After you register online, you may have the option to schedule your appointment immediately (only if appointments are available), or we will call or email you once we reach your name on our waitlist to schedule your appointment.

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When can I get a sprinkler evaluation?

Slow the Flow sprinkler evaluations are conducted from June until August or September, depending on the weather. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday. Appointments in each city are limited, so register early for your best chance at receiving an evaluation.

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Why haven't I heard back about an appointment time yet?

Hang tight! We likely don’t have appointments available in your area just yet or we haven’t reached your name on our waitlist. Once appointments in your area do become available, we will either call you or email you a link to schedule your appointment online. Look for email invites from “Slow the Flow” in your inbox.

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What do I have to do to prepare for the appointment?

Make sure your system is on and in working order before the appointment. If your backflow preventer is not turned on or your system is not working properly when we arrive, we will not be able to reschedule. Also, an adult (18 years or older) must be on the premises during the entire appointment, so please plan accordingly.

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How long does the appointment take?

The entire appointment will take about an hour to an hour and a half for the average residential property. You must be home during the entire appointment, but you only need to be outside with the associate for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of the appointment.

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Who are the associates performing the evaluations?

Our friendly team of trained associates is employed by Resource Central. They will have a Resource Central shirt and name tag and will announce themselves when they arrive at your home.

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What does the evaluation involve?

Our associate will perform a visual inspection of all zones, making minor adjustments where they can and marking down any larger issues. They will then test certain zones to measure how much water the sprinklers put out and how evenly that water is distributed. By the end of the appointment, they will have an efficient watering schedule based off your specific system.

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During this appointment can you help identify or fix leaks?

While our associates do look for obvious signs of a leak, our service is not for leak finding, and we cannot fix any leaks. We recommend finding a landscaper if you suspect you have a leak.

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When does my evaluation report arrive?

You will be emailed your report by the end of the day of your evaluation. If you do not have an email, you will be mailed a paper report within two to three weeks of the evaluation.

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You can give us a call at 303-999-3824 or email to request another report be sent to the email on file.

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Have Questions?

Email our Slow the Flow team, or call 303-999-3824.