Get Smart About Energy Use

Renew Our Schools is a powerful five-week energy conservation competition that gets students and staff in schools across the nation excited about responsible energy use. Schools use real-time energy gauges to monitor electricity use and see the immediate impact of making energy-saving changes. 

Engage schools through friendly competition

Students and staff work together to become investigators in their schools and implement fun and thoughtful ways to conserve energy. From removing unnecessary appliances to planning energy savings weekends, teams earn points and generate excitement. Renew Our Schools school district and national competitions catalyze real changes in long-term energy conservation and innovation.

Build the next generation of energy innovators

Our STEM-based learning resources help teachers bring real-world energy education into their classrooms. Hands-on learning encourages students to be problem solvers as they gain confidence and knowledge to become changemakers in their school and explore energy-related careers.

Reduce energy costs

Energy is one of the highest operating costs for schools, so changing energy behaviors translates into big savings. Participating schools have saved their districts thousands of dollars and even more when the momentum continues beyond the competition. Free up funds for other priorities!

Better data for decision making

Participating schools receive an eGauge energy monitor, which provides a constant stream of real-time energy use data. With this data, schools can better  manage energy use and curb consumption. Some schools have reduced their electricity usage by up to 30%!

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How Does It Work

The Competition
Renew Our Schools runs competitions within school districts and between schools from across the nation. No matter the competition structure, the excitement builds as schools earn points by saving energy and completing school energy actions.

The Tools
Every school receives an eGauge, an electricity monitor that shows your building’s electricity use in real time. Students turn the lights off and immediately see a drop in electricity usage! And the eGauge is yours to keep, even after the competition ends. You’ll also receive an energy toolkit for hands-on learning.

The Team
Preparing your school for success takes “energy” but the effort is worth it! A teacher sponsor, your facilities lead, an IT contact, and most importantly the students will all work together to save money and save energy! 

The Cost
Thanks to the support of our awesome partners, we’re able to offer program participation at $1200 per school. That includes access to the Renew Our Schools portal where you’ll be able to track your real-time energy usage against your baseline, select the School Energy Actions that work best for your community, and see up-to-date standings for your competition. If your school is not able to pay the registration fee, we may have additional assistance available so contact us!

What’s Not Included?

The eGauge installation, including selecting and paying an electrician is your responsibility. Most installations cost $800-$1200. Renew Our Schools may be able to make an electrician referral and, in some cases, provide partial funding for your installation. So, don’t let the cost stop you from reaching out!

Now Accepting: Spring 2023

Our Fall 2022 competition is FULL. We are now accepting enrollment for the Spring 2023 competition. If you are considering joining the Spring competition, fill out our interest form.


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