Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Garden In A Box” and what does it include?

Most simply put, “Garden In A Box” is an easy, professionally designed, DIY xeric (waterwise) perennial garden or vegetable garden kit.

Gardens include 14-30 starter plants* that come in 4-inch pots. Vegetable starter plants come in 2-inch pots and are sold only for spring pickup dates. All plants come in rectangular 2 ft. x 1 ft. trays (see photo below), and will be hardened-off and ready to plant when you pick them up!  *When necessary, Resource Central shall select appropriate plant substitutions.

Each garden also includes 1-4 professionally designed plant by number maps that make it easy to install your own perennial or vegetable garden at home, and a comprehensive Plant and Care Guide that includes everything you will need to know to prepare for, plant, and maintain your new garden. No, your garden does not come in or with a planter box.

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When are gardens available for purchase?

2021 Gardens In A Box go on sale in early March. Sign up here to be notified as soon as the gardens go on sale. Typically, gardens are on sale from early March through early September. Pickup dates are scheduled from early May through mid-June and late August through mid-September.

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Am I eligible for a $25 Water Provider discount?

Residents in participating water districts can receive a $25 discount as long as discounts are still available. These discounts are first come, first served and are applied at checkout.

Find out if you qualify for a $25 garden discount through your water provider.

Whether you reside in a participating water district or not, you may purchase a garden without the discount. There may even be a pickup location near you!   *Greatest Hits and Homegrown Harvest are not eligible for the $25 discount.

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How do I claim my $25 Water Provider discount?

You may be eligible for a $25 discount on our pre-planned xeric garden collection through your water provider. To claim your discount you will first “Proceed to Checkout” in the garden store where you will be prompted to select your water provider. Click “Apply Discount” to automatically apply the water provider discount to your order. See answer to above “Am I eligible for $25 discount?” for a list of participating water providers.

Discounts are limited; to optimize savings be sure to order sooner rather than later!

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How do I get my Garden In A Box?

All gardens will be available for pickup at one of our convenient distribution locations during May, June, August or September. To select your pickup, you must “Proceed to Checkout” on our online store where you will then be prompted to select your pickup location, date, and time. We do not ship our plants.

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Where are the 2020 Garden In A Box pick up locations?

You are welcome to pick up gardens on any date that is convenient for you. The 2021 pickup event schedule will be finalized when gardens go on sale in early March.

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Can I change my order or pickup date?

Yes. If you need to make changes to your order or pickup date please contact our customer service staff as soon as possible and we will make every effort to accommodate you. All changes must be made at least 10 days prior to your pick up date or they cannot be guaranteed. Call 303.999.3820 x222 or email gardeninfo@resourcecentral.org.

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Does my Garden In A Box come with or in a box?

No. Your Garden In A Box can easily be planted in a raised bed or garden “box,” but it does not include an actual box to plant the garden in. For full details on what your Garden In A Box does include, see above – “What is a ‘Garden In A Box’ and what does it include?”

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How much sunlight will the plants require?

We offer full sun, adaptable (or full sun that also thrive in part shade) and part shade gardens. Our full sun plants require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, and our part shade plants require at least 4 hours of direct or indirect sunlight per day.

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When should I plant my Garden In A Box?

We recommend planting after the last frost date in Colorado, which is usually after May 15th, however, this date is even shifting closer to Memorial Day. Fall is also a fabulous time to plant perennials! In the fall, we recommend planting at least a month before the first frost date, which is usually mid-October. Either season, be sure to check the weather before planting, as Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather!

The ideal times of day to plant are early morning or in the evening. The cool temperatures and gentle sunlight reduce stress on new plants.

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Does Resource Central offer planting services?

Garden In A Box is designed as a do-it-yourself program, and, unfortunately, we do not have the staff capacity to offer planting services. If you are unable to plant your garden for any reason, consider asking a friend or a landscaper for assistance! To search for landscapers try the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) website.

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What is your return policy?

Refunds are accepted until 10 business days prior to your requested pickup. Once you have received your garden there are no exchanges or returns. See Replacement Plant policy below for plant-health related issues.

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One of my plants died, can I get a replacement?

Garden In A Box is a living product and we make every effort to provide you with healthy, viable plants at the time of pickup. If a plant you receive is unhealthy, please let us know within 48 hours of your pick up and we will do our best to replace your plant. After 48 hours in your care, we are no longer responsible for the health of the plants. Call 303.999.3820 x222 or email gardeninfo@resourcecentral.org.

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Where do the plants come from?

All of our plants are born and raised in Colorado. Our perennial plants come from Little Valley Wholesale Nursery in Brighton, CO. Our vegetable plants come from Elliott Gardens in Denver, CO.

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Have the plants been treated with neonicotinoids?

No. None of our plants have ever been treated with neonicotinoids.

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Will the garden(s) fit in my car at the pickup event?

Probably, but this will depend on how many gardens you have purchased. Each garden will come with either one or two 2 ft. x 1 ft. trays of plants, so please plan accordingly.

Gardens with one 2 ft. x 1 ft. tray:

  • Mountain Medley
  • Colorado Oasis
  • Naturally Native
  • Sunset Garden
  • Plant Select
  • Greatest Hits

Gardens with two 2 ft. x 1 ft. trays:

  • Colors of Colorado
  • Summer Sanctuary
  • Painted Shade
  • Rocky Mountain Retreat
  • Mountain Shadows

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Can someone else pick up my garden on my behalf?

Absolutely. Just make sure that they know the first and last name on the order and which gardens you ordered. 

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More Questions?
Send us an email (gardeninfo@resourcecentral.org) or give us a call (303-999-3820 x 222). We’d be happy to help. We love to talk gardens!