Lawn Replacement Application

1. Use the price calculator to find the best project for you

  • You can edit garden selections and project square feet to find the right combo for you.

2. Tell us about yourself and your project

  • Accurately measure your project area as if determines your price
  • Upload 2 photos: a before picture showing your lawn as-is and a photo of the area of lawn you would like to be removed by outlining it with a hose, rope, spray paint, or other identifying object
    • This is essential for the crews that will be completing your project
  • A photo of your water bill and your account number showing you are in good standing

Next Steps:

  1. We will reach out in two weeks to confirm the status of your application.
  2. If your project is pre-approved, you will be asked to schedule a phone consultation – do one final measure of your project before your consultation
  3. After your consultation, we will collect a $100 deposit to be applied towards your total project cost and a participant contract – please be prepared to complete this within 48 hours after your consultation

Please note:

  • To qualify, you must commit to permanently remove and replace at least 200 sq ft of existing, watered, and maintained lawn. Turf that has already been removed is excluded from participating.
  • To participate, you must be replacing removed turf with any of the following: waterwise perennial gardens (preferred); small-to-medium size patios and decks using permeable materials; Buffalograss (Buchloë dactyloides); other low-water grasses; clover; wildflower meadows; permeable rock, stone, or gravel areas or pathways; or any other combination thereof. You agree that you will not install artificial/synthetic turf, impermeable concrete or similar material, water features, invasive species, or new sod.
  • Please note, this is not a rebate program. Resource Central and our partners are only offering a discount on services provided.
  • Garden In A Box options through the Lawn Replacement program are limited. For full garden selection, please purchase gardens directly from the Garden In A Box store

Spring 2023 Lawn Replacement Garden In A Box kits are sold out.

You may use your discount entirely toward Lawn Replacement discount and purchase kits in the Garden In A Box store.

If you select to use your discount towards gardens, your project will be accommodated in our late-summer season (July – September). We will be in contact in mid-June. Please note, Garden In A Box kits through the Lawn Replacement program are not guaranteed, the best way to guarantee gardens of your choice is to purchase gardens directly through the store.

Availability of Garden In A Box kits first-come, first-served by water provider. You will receive a combination of gardens based on your selected square feet depending on availability, with a maximum of 300 square feet. You will be notified during your consultation if we can accommodate your garden selection.


Email Turf Removal Team or call us at 303-999-3820 x221.