DIY Leak Detection Resources

We are here to help! Review the troubleshooting guide below and learn about fixing the most common household leaks.

The EPA says the average water waste of a household with a leak is 10,000 gallons a year.

How to Fix Common Leaks

We have compiled information to help guide you on your leak-finding journey. Listed below are some common places to find leaks and videos on how to easily fix them.

Toiletsmore details

Most leaks found in the winter are due to toilet flappers. Here are the steps to test if your toilet is leaking:

  • First, you’ll need a dye tablet or food coloring.
  • Place the dye tablet or a couple of drops of food coloring into the water of the back tank of your toilet.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes, without flushing the toilet.
  • Check the bowl of the toilet for any color.

If you find color in the bowl, you have a leak! You can watch the video below (courtesy of the Regional Water Providers Consortium) to see how you can fix that leak and other problems the toilet may have.

Some toilets do not have flappers but instead have flush valves. Just like a flapper, the rubber or silicone sealing may not be properly closing around the opening that leads to the toilet bowl. This ring can be cleaned or replaced to create a complete seal. For more information on your specific toilet, you can visit the toilet brand’s website.

Faucetsmore details

Faucet leaks may seem minor, but the water they waste can really add up. Take a look at the videos below from Lowe’s that teach you how to fix several different types of leaky faucets.

Showerheads and Bathtubsmore details

The single handle video in the above section tells you how to fix a leak coming from the handle of a shower, but what about the actual head or faucet? Luckily, if water is dripping from the showerhead when it is turned off, there is an easy fix. Watch the short video from Lowe’s below to learn how to stop the leak.

Bathtub faucets take a little more work, but with the right tools, you too can stop that drip. Below is a video from a double handled tub.

Sprinklersmore details

During the summer months many people use their sprinkler system, and leaks are bound to happen. It is important to check your sprinkler system for any issues at least once a month. The video below gives good directions on how to check if your sprinkler system has a leak. Also remember to take a look at your backflow preventer and valve boxes to see if there is any excess water there as well.