Show off what you can do with tiles!

Welcome to our 3rd reuse contest! For previous years’ contest details and results, check out this page. >> Community DIY Projects

  • 2020: Reclaimed Door Contest
  • 2019: Reclaimed Pallet Contest

We understand the limitations of tile projects — however it would be wonderful to see mosaic designs (wink, wink).  We are introducing new voting categories this year too!

Voting Categories

These categories will be selected through the community voting; no need to specify which category you’d like to be chosen for. It doesn’t hurt to include a small write-up of what you’ve done!

Most Complex

This category focuses on detail and the amount of time that was spent creating the design. Perhaps that includes smaller tile pieces or maybe it’s a large canvas. The winner of this category will make us question (and hopefully motivate) our ability.

Most Creative Use of Tiles

Now this category is for those nontraditional folk. When thinking up this section we thought  it’d be interesting to see a tiled lamp. How unique, how original! We’re looking for a, “I would have NEVER thought of that!” reaction.

Most DIY Professional

When voting for this category we want you to consider that a person, who is not trained to tile, did that?! Inspiration is the name of the game for this group. A simple, stunning bathroom could be the winning ticket. Definitely quality focused.

How to Enter:

Submit your entry by April 7, 2021


Subject Line: Tile Contest

How to Vote:

Voting will be open April 12, 2021

Head back over to this page and we will provide you with the link to caste your thoughts! Sign up for our newsletter to be reminded.


Voting ends April 23, 2021.


The winners of each category will receive a 1 year membership to DIY University. DIY University is an online resource filled with classes and instructional how-to’s. You can make all of the projects that your heart desires and then some.

The winners will be announced on this page!