Louisville Commercial Turf Replacement Pilot

a worker removes rolls of sodResource Central and the City of Louisville are partnering in 2021 to remove lawn at select businesses. We will help you transform thirsty turf into beautiful, low-water landscapes. We start by making the process easy and affordable so that you can focus on running your business, not watering your grass! You’re sure to save money, conserve water, and add curb-appeal to your business by swapping grass for a xeric garden.

Simply submit the form below by midnight on February 15th, 2021. We’ll review your information and then select two or three Louisville businesses to participate in the spring. If selected, you’ll receive:

    • An in-person landscape consultation, project sketch, and materials list from a qualified low-water landscape designer
    • A 50% discount on Resource Central’s Lawn Removal Service (you’ll need to pay $1 per sq. ft.). Our crew will remove lawn at your business so you don’t have to find a contractor
    • Enough free low-water Garden In A Box gardens to fill up to 70% of your project area. Full and partials sun plants are available
    • Personalized project recommendations from Resource Central’s xeriscape advisors

The Fine Print

This pilot program has limited capacity. All submissions will be competitively reviewed. In addition, projects should be visible to the public and be well maintained in perpetuity. To participate, your business must be a current City of Louisville water customer. Your account must be in good standing. The business must own the property and lot. You must agree to remove at least 500 sq. ft. of existing, watered, and maintained grass lawn. You must agree to properly adjust your irrigation system. Lastly, you must complete the project within 30 days of the Lawn Removal Service. Other services like rototilling, planting, soil amending, mulching, etc. are the responsibility of the business owner. Finally, additional materials like mulch, stone, trees, shrubs, etc. are not included.


Sorry, we’re not currently accepting applications for this program. Please contact us at turfremoval@resourcecentral.org or 303.999.3820 ext. 221 for more information.

In the meantime, be sure to check out WaterwiseYards.org