Lawn Removal Services

Revitalize Your Yard with our Lawn Removal Service!

Traditional lawn care in Colorado can be both water-wasting and exhausting. Consider our Lawn Removal Service as a step towards a waterwise yard. Our skilled team is ready to cut, remove, and compost as little as 200 square feet of your maintained lawn.Let us assist you in transitioning to a more water-efficient yard without the hassle. Choose our Lawn Removal Service and take a positive step toward a greener, more sustainable outdoor space.


You could pay as little as $1 per square foot!


You could spend hours doing the work yourself, or hire us to get it done in an afternoon!


Leave the heavy lifting to us! We’ll take care of the hardest part, the removal.

How it Works

Lawn Removal

Our Lawn Removal Service comprises the physical removal of your lawn, along with an optional consultation with our xeriscape experts. Additionally, we provide a portal for project resources.

** Please note that our services currently do not include roto-tilling, soil amending, planting, mulch delivery, complete irrigation conversions, or any other landscaping services. **

On the scheduled day of your project, our process begins with the use of a sod cutter to remove the lawn to a depth of approximately two inches below the soil line. Following this, we responsibly remove all the cut material and transport it to a permitted composting facility, at no additional cost to you. Finally, we meticulously rake the area smooth and ensure a clean sweep-up for a seamless completion of the project.


Our regular Lawn Removal Service rate for the 2024 season is $2.50 per square foot. Many customers are eligible for a discount through our partnerships with Colorado water utilities. If your utility offers a discount, you’ll pay just $1.00 per square foot, up to a predetermined maximum set by your utility. We have a 200 square foot minimum for all projects. Additionally, you could also be eligible for up to three discounted low-water Garden In A Box kits through our Lawn Replacement Program.

Specialized Help 

At Resource Central, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for your lawn transformation journey. Our expert team is available to guide you through various aspects, offering consultations on irrigation conversion strategies, answering your garden-related queries, helping you choose the right replacement materials, and addressing any general questions you may have about our program. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized assistance as you embark on creating a more water-efficient and sustainable outdoor space. Your satisfaction and success in achieving your landscaping goals are our top priorities.

Lawn Replacement Library

We understand the importance of empowering our customers with the right resources for successful xeriscape projects. That’s why we are excited to offer a comprehensive resource library that encompasses everything you need to complete your xeriscape project seamlessly. From step-by-step guides to insightful tips, our resource library is designed to be your go-to destination for valuable information.

What it includes:

1. Accurate Measurement Techniques
Learn how to measure your space accurately for precise project planning and accurate pricing.

2. Photography Tips
Discover the art of capturing effective project photos to showcase your project accurately.

3. Replacement Material Insights
Explore information on suitable replacement materials for your unique space.

4. Waterwise Yard Irrigation Updates
Understand the process of updating your irrigation system for a waterwise and efficient yard.

5. DIY Removal Methods
Removing your turf yourself? Find expert guidance on effective removal methods.

Project Completion

Projects typically commence in May and continue through September each year, weather permitting. Unfortunately, lawn removal during winter or early spring is not feasible. Our workdays typically span from 8 am to 4 pm, and the majority of projects are efficiently completed within half a day or less. Appointments and discounts are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, reflecting the consistently high demand. To guarantee securing your discount, we strongly advise applying at your earliest convenience.

Priority Deadline – April 1, 2024

Our priority deadline offers you the opportunity to secure your discount first, giving you the flexibility to submit photos, measure your project, and confirm details at a later date. This allows you to prioritize your discount while providing the convenience to complete additional steps when it suits you.

Completing the necessary steps by the Priority Deadline secures priority status for earliest removal, best opportunities for discounted services and preferred scheduling before those who complete the process later.

Missing the deadline
Submitting your materials after the priority deadline will result in your application being moved to the bottom of the list for your designated discount providers’ allocated discounts. To maximize your chances of securing preferred discounts, it’s advisable to meet the priority deadline.

Learn More & Apply

For more information or to apply for our lawn removal services, please visit our program home page to see your eligible services. Then click “Learn More & Apply” to find detailed information about the application process, project timelines, and the benefits of our services. Feel free to explore the page and take the first step towards transforming your lawn into a waterwise and sustainable outdoor space.

Community Reviews

4.8 star rating overall

“Great program, that highly incentivizes people to go water-wise. Work crew was great – polite, hard workers, good communication, on time. Popular program, so I think having more crews early in season would be good to enable timely planting.”

Program Participant, 2022

“We were so relieved to have Resource Central remove the sod for us. The team of workers…were very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly!”

Program Participant, 2021

“It was a great program, and I am looking forward for saving money on our water bills. I loved the great communication & help by Resource Central Staff on step by step on this project.”

Program Participant, 2022


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