DIY Mug Tree

by Michelle Considine

Have you heard of a mug tree? I created this years ago when participating in an artists’ bazaar.  At the time, it served as a display rack for crocheted hats. Recently making the journey up from the basement, it now serves a new purpose. ☕️

This mug tree is made from the ends of split-rail fence pieces from Resource Central! I love the weathered look. I initially bought the split-rail fence pieces to use the center sections as legs for a hutch. The ends were still lying around when I had the need for the display rack.

If you’re looking to purchase a mug tree, they can cost anywhere from $15 to $70+!! Take a stab at creating your own– it’s fun, you can make it fit your space.

(I love reds and greens year-round.  This is not for the holidays!)

DIY Supplies:

Let’s get creative! Here are the supplies that I used.

  • miter saw
  • power drill
  • woodboring drill bit
  • ends of split-rail fence pieces
  • screws
  • sandpaper
  • paint

DIY Instructions:

This project certainly requires little skill and few tools.  I used a miter saw for cutting the flat ends.  A power drill and driver were useful for attaching the vertical pieces to the horizontal piece.  I used a woodboring drill bit to make sure the screw heads would not scratch whatever surface it’s sitting on.  See construction details in the photos below.

I lightly painted one of the three vertical pieces.  If you look at the photos carefully, you’ll see that I lightly sanded all three of the vertical pieces.  The horizontal piece is a bit more heavily painted followed by some sanding to bring out the texture of the weathered wood.  I featured one knot on the front edge.  I don’t really care for the blue in our kitchen so that may change at some point. For now, it will stay because the awesome texture of the weathered wood is worn down with each sand and paint coat. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing when to stop.

Best wishes to you and yours for lovely coffee & cocoa sipping this winter. May your mug tree be empty and your mugs filled!

Michelle Considine, long time enthusiast of Boulder’s Resource Central and, more recently, Art Parts, volunteers for these organizations with the intention of promoting reuse and creativity.  Aside from being an environmentalist and upcycling artist of many mediums, Michelle privately tutors high school math and physics in the Boulder area as well as online, hikes year-round, and loves time with her family and friends.