Frequently In Stock

We receive a variety of reclaimed and recycled building materials as well as architectural salvage each day; however, there are some things we seem to always have… check out the list below.

Common community donations you’ll find:

General Home Materials

  • flooring (laminate flooring and tile squares)
  • doors (exterior doors and interior doors)
  • door fixings (doorknobs, door hinges, door handles, etc.)
  • tiles
  • roofing
  • pipes
  • windows
  • bricks
  • stones
  • lighting (interior lighting and exterior lighting)
  • trim
  • framing
  • mirrors
  • fans
  • filing cabinets
  • office furniture (desks, chairs, etc.)
  • shelving (metal shelving and plastic shelving)
  • reclaimed lumber (Learn more about TreeOpp lumber here. )
  • wood
  • pallets

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Kitchen Materials

  • single cabinets
  • cabinet sets
  • countertops (granite countertops, marble countertops, etc.)
  • refrigerators
  • stoves
  • ovens
  • kitchen sinks

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Bathroom Materials

  • bathroom sinks
  • tubs
  • toilets
  • bathroom tile
  • bathroom mirrors
  • countertops (granite countertops, marble countertops, etc.)
  • shower fixings

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Bedroom Materials

  • bedframes
  • dressers
  • side tables
  • desks
  • lamps
  • chandeliers

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Outdoor Materials

  • fencing
  • wheel barrels
  • lawn mowers
  • IBC tanks
  • barrels (can be made into rain barrels)
  • rocks (boulders, decorative rocks, etc.)
  • stone (flagstone, sandstone, etc.)
  • bricks
  • windows
  • plant pots
  • mailboxes
  • pallets

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Need tools for an upcoming project?

Our Materials Reuse facility offers tool rentals through our Tool Library. It is $25 to sign for the first year and $20 for the following years. Each tool has daily rental costs (most only $2-$5 a day). Learn more about our Tool Library here.