Picking Up Your Waterwise Gardens

All garden orders must be picked up. We do not ship gardens. You or someone you’ve designated must pick up your gardens at the time and date you selected during checkout. Check your order confirmation for pickup details.

Pickups for the spring planting season happen in May or June. Pickups for the late summer or fall planting season happen in August or September.

Pickup Event Schedule

Click here to view the full list of pickup events.                                       Click here to view a map of all spring pickups

We’ve heard your feedback! We’ve added new pickup locations, several with large parking lots, and we’ve made changes to better monitor the size of the pickup events and to meter out the traffic queues associated with them.

This year many of the larger pickup events will require the customer to select a 1-hour window for their preferred pickup time. For example, the pickup at Westminster City Hall on May 6, 2023 runs from 9am-1pm. Customers will need to select one of the following hourly time slots for their pickup: 9-10AM, 10-11AM, 11AM-12PM, and 12-1PM. Once a time slot has reached maximum capacity customers will need to pick one of the remaining available time slots.

What To Expect

  • Garden flats are 1 ft x 2 ft each.
  • Small garden kits (15 plants) are just one single flat. Large garden kits (24-30 plants) include two flats each. Splendid Seasons (51 plants) contains four flats each.
  • The average sized car can fit about 8-10 flats with the back seats down.
  • Flats cannot be stacked.
  • Please clean out your trunk prior to arrival to avoid needing to make multiple trips.

Above is an example of a small garden or one single flat.

When You Arrive

Follow these simple steps to a smooth pickup experience.

Have Questions?

Email us at gardeninfo@resourcecentral.org or call us at 303-999-3820 x222.