Garden in a Box

Sunset Garden


Full sun | 74 sqft | 15 starter plants


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Mirror the breathtaking beauty of a setting Colorado sun with the Sunset Garden. The seamless stream of pinks, oranges, golds, and reds featured in this garden evokes the majesty of the setting sun. A serious feast for the eyes, this garden is also a delightful treat for our pollinator friends. Birds, bees, and butterflies will frequent the blooms as often as you will! The Sunset Garden fills about 74 sqft and showcases 15 waterwise plants. 

Product Details

  • Designed by: Julie Hauser of Indigo Landscape Design
  • Covers: 74 sqft
  • Includes:
    • 15 starter plants with 9 different varieties in 4-inch pots
    • 1 plant by number layout option (13.5' x 5.5' rectangle)
  • Exposure: Full sun (requires a minimum of 6 hours per day)
  • Mature Height Range: 12 in to 6 ft
  • Hardiness Max: 7,000 ft
  • Bloom Time: Late spring to fall
  • Benefits:
    • Locally grown
    • Pollinator supporting
    • 3 of 9 plants are native to Colorado
    • 7 of 9 plants are rabbit resistant*
    • 8 of 9 plants are deer resistant*
*We cannot guarantee rabbit or deer resistance!
  • Apache Plume

    Apache Plume

    Quantity: 1

    Attracts: Bees, Birds, Hummingbirds

  • Dwarf Fall Aster

    Dwarf Fall Aster

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Butterflies

  • Little Bluestem Grass

    Little Bluestem Grass

    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Birds

  • Red Daylily

    Red Daylily

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds

  • Sea Kale

    Sea Kale

    Quantity: 1

    Attracts: Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds

  • Shasta Daisy

    Shasta Daisy

    Quantity: 1

    Attracts: Butterflies

  • Sunlight Hyssop

    Sunlight Hyssop

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Hummingbirds

  • White Windflower

    White Windflower

    Quantity: 3

    Attracts: Butterflies

  • Yellow Avens

    Yellow Avens

    Quantity: 2

    Attracts: Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds

What To Expect

  • Our xeric gardens feature anywhere from 14 to 30 starter plants in 4-inch pots.* Plants will be small relative to their mature size and they will not be in full bloom.
  • "First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap!" During the 1st and 2nd growing season, xeric plants will be in the establishment phase – requiring regular watering to encourage a deep taproot system, and not yet having reached their full size. On average, allow 3 years for your Xeriscape garden to reach full maturity!
  • Gardens will easily fit in a small car  - yes, we're talking Mini Cooper small - unless you ordered multiple gardens (we're not judging). One garden will come in either one or two 2 ft x 1 ft trays (pictured left).
*When necessary, Resource Central shall select appropriate plant substitutions.

What Customers Say

So easy and the plants are very healthy

I am very lucky to have been able to purchase my Garden In A Box. All the instructions on how and where to plant were very easy to understand. My plants are growing very nicely and are healthy... Thank you.

City of Arvada Customer

Overall a great experience

So far very pleased with the plant vitality and appearance; looking forward to see how it matures. The example layouts were helpful. Center personnel at the pick-up event were knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

City of Arvada Customer

What a blast!

I hadn't had a garden in over 35 years so I had a blast last year planting veggies and perennials. The perennials have really taken off this year. I planted the Victory Garden this year, which the rabbits seem to be enjoying (!) and another Shades of Summer perennial garden where I took out a giant pine tree in my front yard. So I'm looking forward to watching it grow. Now I'm considering taking out more grass next year and putting raised garden boxes to fill up my back yard. The layout guides are so helpful for the new gardener in me. Thank you!

Centennial Water Customer