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Water Is More Scarce Than You Think

It’s been said that water is the second-most important natural resource for human existence, behind only air, but Colorado’s got plenty of air even if it might not always seem like it in the high country. That’s not the case with water, which is a finite resource in our semi-arid state. We need it for hydration, agriculture, recreation, plant and animal species survival, business, cleanliness, and the clincher – beer – yet trends show that we’re in some danger of water supply not keeping up with future demand without practicing serious conservation. This is not meant as a call for alarm, but do consider it a call to action.


Summer Gardening Tips

Summer provides the much deserved chance to appreciate the work done throughout the spring planting and cleanup tasks. As you’re enjoying your summer blooms, there are a few simple tasks that will help your garden continue to be its best. Cut back (deadhead) the first round of spent flowers to encourage a new round of...Read More

Is fall the new spring for planting?

We all love spring gardening. After the months of chilly air, short days, snow-covered ground, and perhaps a dash of the winter blues we crave that time when we can don our garden gloves and get back outside as things begin to thaw and invigorate around us. It’s glorious to plant in the spring –...Read More

July Smart Irrigation Month Tips & Resources

July is Smart Irrigation Month. (Yep, there’s a while month dedicated to that. Which we love!) We want to ensure you can celebrate this month with us by offering a few easy water conserving tricks and resources. Before jumping into irrigation tips, we wanted to talk a little about lawns. One of the 7 principles...Read More