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Scholarship Application


Renew Our Schools eGauge Set Up Scholarship Form

We proudly award eGauge set up scholarships to qualifying schools. If you have received a scholarship for an eGauge set-up, please complete the following form.

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The eGauge set-up cost includes the cost of the eGauge device, the hardware necessary to install the device, and a review of your energy systems by our Energy Engineer.


Renew Our Schools Toolkit: Scholarship

Resource Central is pleased to offer scholarships to qualifying schools. If you've received a scholarship from Resource Central for a Classroom Toolkit, please complete this form.

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Each toolkit includes 2 lux-meters, 2 infrared thermometers, 2 watt-meters, and instructions on how to use each tool in the program. We recommend each participating classroom have at least 1 toolkit.
Price: $200.00
Congratulations on earning a scholarship for your classroom! This is the total value of the toolkit you are receiving.