Pickup Services

Pickup Services

Resource Central understands that not everyone has the ability to transport the material they would like to donate. With this in mind, we offer a pickup service for qualifying donations.

A nominal charge will be based on the quantity of materials, their state of readiness for loading and the distance from Resource Central, in order to help cover the labor and transportation costs involved with the pickup.

5 Steps for Pickup Services

  1. Check Our Donation Guidelines
    Please refer to our donation guidelines to ensure that the materials you’d like to donate fall within the qualifications. If you are unsure, please send us an email with your pickup address, photo, description, and measurement of your donation to pickup@resourcecentral.org or use the donation form to help us determine the best way to find out.
  2. Are You Within Our Pickup Service Area?
    Our standard pickup service area is a 30-minute driving radius around our location. For larger donations of high-quality materials, we are able to make an exception.
  3. Plan Ahead!
    We usually need 5 – 10 business days’ notice to accommodate your pickup.
  4. Schedule a Pickup
    Call our Deconstruction and Pickup Services specialists at 303.419.5418 x102 to schedule your pickup between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.
  5. Prepare Your Donation
    Materials must be gathered together in an accessible area such as a driveway or garage. The Resource Central staff cannot haul your materials out of basement areas, or dismantle them for you—they must be “road-ready.”


Thank you for supporting Resource Central and the material reuse community!