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We receive a variety of reclaimed material donations every day but there are some things we seem to always have. Before buying new, consider the ecofriendly option of buying used. It doesn’t hurt that you can save some money too on these affordable materials. Zero waste doesn’t have to be pricey. Come on over to your upcycling center and creative hub, 6400 Arapahoe Road to see the selection.

Single cabinets, cabinet sets, doors (exterior doors and interior doors), windows, sinks (kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks), filing cabinets, fasteners (screws, nails- you name it!), PVC Pipes, Tanks, Trim, reclaimed wood- all donated from the community!

We often have reclaimed lumber! One program that we support is called TreeOpp. This reclaimed wood is a result from ash borer. Learn more about TreeOpp here.

Reclaimed Wood

Another large and common donation we receive is stone. Flagstone, sandstone- you name it! Bricks, too, are usually around and work great for reuse!

Bricks Frequently In Stock

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