Kitchen remodels can put a dent in your pocket, and new, inexpensive cabinets & appliances tend to be lower quality. Have you considered the third option of buying used? We receive truckloads of sturdy cabinet sets, single cabinets, stoves, ovens, fridges, and more on a monthly basis. Most of our inventory is 1/4 of the new retail price. It’s worth seeing what we’ve got!

Check out our Materials Reuse Facility to save money on your kitchen renovation. We are a local environmental nonprofit located at 6400 Arapahoe Road in Boulder, Colorado.

Materials Reuse Kitchens

Can you spot the subtle differences in these two photos? We sure hope so… that’s an incredible kitchen transformation! Thank you for the Instagram tag, Becky!

We received so many amazing photos from Lauren Kelley. Check out this amazing kitchen! “My husband and I love shopping at Resource. It’s like an afternoon date for us! We just completed an Accessory Dwelling Unit/ ADU project in Old Town Lafayette. We gathered materials from Resource for 1.5 years prior to starting construction. The items that we got from Resource are: Front Door with sidelight, Closet bifold door, Vinyl Plank Flooring in kitchen and living space, 48×60” living room window, Kitchen sink, Kitchen faucet, Kitchen, Backsplash – wood flooring used as a backsplash, Bathroom Door, Bedroom Carpet, Gold Outlet and Switch plates, Insulation in the garage portion, Door Handle for the garage man door The finishing touches made the space feel unique and made our “Modern Meets Historic” style come alive. It also saved us a ton of money and made this project possible.

Almost everything else we used came from Craigslist, pull outs from other home projects, and ReStore.”

Check out this space by Anna Shaw. “We found these conference tables that were sun-damaged and peeling, and I think we made them really beautiful.”

Kitchen Cabinet Sets

Kitchen cabinet sets like these are donated daily. Because our inventory depends on donations, we cannot guarantee stock. We recommend you stop by or give us a call at 303-419-5418.

Thinking about making kitchen cabinets fit your space? Check out Michelle’s blog: DIY Cabinet Transformation

“Extra storage near the kitchen table never goes to waste.  There are always reasons to make space:  the kids’ textbooks and school stuff, games, sprout-starting supplies, craft supplies, not to mention stuff related to cooking and eating!  Instead of purchasing new furniture, consider making your own…”

Check out what we've got!

Come on over to 6400 Arapahoe Rd. in Boulder! We accept donations as well. Please send an email with photos to before bringing your items over. Resource Central is an environmental nonprofit that diverts around 4 million pounds of materials from the landfill each year. Learn more about our Materials Reuse program here.