Calling creatives! What can you do with a second-hand light fixture? Resource Central wants to see what you’ve got.

Enter our Reuse Lighting Contest! Your light fixture does not need to be purchased from Resource Central but it does need to be second-hand. You can create something new or just refurbish one to be brought back to life. The world needs more creative reuse– your work inspires others to take action. 

Resource Central diverts nearly 100,000 lbs of light fixtures from the landfill for reuse each year!


Winners will receive full reuse bragging rights and glory… as well as awesome discounts. Contest winners are chosen by Monday Materials Alert Readers. 

First Place: $100 Resource Central Discount

Second Place: $75 Resource Central Discount

Third Place: $50 Resource Central Discount

Send your project photos and details to by April 15, 2022, to enter. Sign up for our Monday Materials Alert newsletter to vote.

Have a Question?

Email our Materials Reuse staff, or call 303-419-5418.