The Future of Reuse

We are excited to announce the future renovations at Resource Central, 6400 Arapahoe Road! These improvements will not only impact our landfill diversion numbers, but will also greatly improve your shopping and donating experience. The days of squinting and shivering through the warehouse while sifting through doors will soon be a thing of the past.

Why does this matter?

“Reducing waste is one of the easiest ways to reduce carbon emissions,” said Neal Lurie, president of Resource Central. “These facility improvements will increase capacity to help the community divert twice as many building materials from landfills while preventing snow and rain from damaging materials.”  Read the press release here.

Our goal is to divert more construction waste and create a culture that values reuse by providing a comfortable and inspiring donation and shopping experience for items that can be repurposed and reused for home improvements and other creative projects. We’re aiming to double the current 4 million lbs of materials per year we divert.  It’s about time that reuse got the TLC it deserves.

Warehouse Improvements: heating/cooling system & insulation, better lighting to find those hidden gems, and get this, bathrooms

Outdoor Materials Yard: steel canopy structure to keep snow and rain off our customers. Not only will materials be better weather-protected, you also won’t need as much sunscreen. Seriously that Colorado sun can really take a toll. Your shopping, browsing, and treasuring-hunting experience will be exponentially more comfortable with the simple feature of shade.

The landscape outside will also feature xeric plants from our Garden In A Box program! We’re excited to welcome pollinators to our site too.

The New Layout

Add Your Support! Leave a Legacy.

Opportunities to support the project will be shared as we launch our fundraising campaign this spring! Contact Liz Marchitto at to learn how you can support this important investment for our community! Donate Now

Watch the Groundbreaking from our Facebook Live

Our goal is to have minimum disruptions

Donating: No real change here. Just like parking, we will have signage for where to go in case construction takes place within the donation lane. Like aways, we recommend you send us an email featuring a photo and description of your donation before arriving on site. Reuse@Resource

Shopping: Come on over! While some areas are blocked off, this will be temporary. We’re ready to get you started on projects. If at any point our hours are impacted by construction, we will announce it through social media, our newsletter, and on this webpage.

Blueprint of Resource Central Reuse Facility Renovations

Thanks to our Architecture and Construction teams!