Waterwise Yard Seminars

showing learning from home with a laptop and coffee mug in front of plantsEach spring, Resource Central partners with Colorado water utilities to offer more than a dozen Waterwise Yard Seminars. These seminars are focused on practical household water-saving tips and techniques, such as xeriscaping and sustainable landscaping. So, from the budding gardener to the seasoned pro, these expert-led seminars offer practical solutions to make your yard more water-efficient and beautiful.

Thank you for a wonderful 2021 season! Check out a few webinars below that we recorded this spring. You can find them all on our Youtube page!

What is a rain garden?



Interested in rain gardens but have no idea where to start? Look no further! This webinar goes into details such as where to create a rain garden, the steps involved in creating one, and why they are so wonderful. Find the links below to watch the webinar in English or Spanish!

Rain Gardens and their Benefits (English)

Rain Gardens and their Benefits (Español)

Creating a Colorful Colorado Yard, Alison O'Connor, PhD astoven@larimer.org


Thinking about adding some color to your yard with plants? This webinar talks about which native Colorado plants can offer some beautiful pops of color, while helping out our pollinators. Find the links below to learn about some gorgeous Colorado natives, in English or Spanish!

Creating a Colorful Colorado Yard (English)

Creating a Colorful Colorado Yard (Español)

                            Rain Barrels

Active Systems, collect and store water for future uses., i.e rain barrels


Tired of using drinking water to water your plants? Why not use rain water! Coloradans are allowed to collect up to 110 gallons of rain water, so what are you waiting for? Find the link below to learn the hows, wheres, and whys of rain barrels!

Conserving Water in the Garden with Rain Barrels (English)


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Purple xeriscape flowers in raised bed of front yard

Orange butterfly sitting on orange xeric flower

Bee on Clover








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What Participants Say

“I have become much more water-savvy in terms of landscape activities, planting, designing – with hope that all this knowledge will help me reduce our water usage!” – 2021 participant

“This presentation was outstanding for gardening with natives to support wildlife. I’ve not seen a better one yet!” – 2021 participant

“I was so ecstatic to be able to participate and learn from some experts. I always feel like I have a black thumb but this series is encouraging and motivating.” – 2021 participant